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  1. Hi, Can you assist me something to get order?

    1. nikipatel97239


      how many reviews you have and what you selling on fiverr?

    2. kowserahmed1


      There are no review because I am new. I am selling digital marketing service.

  2. hi imtiaz,

    i have seen many posts of your.

    i want comment about this topic i made.

    me and other sellers also confused about this i also talked with fiverr community still not getting proper direction what to do.

    if you have any thing about this topic please quote in my topic.

    topic link:- 

    Thank you,

    Niki Patel


  3. Hi sellers, Most of sellers asked one question about is it safe to use this extension on fiverr? i already made contact with fiverr community and today i got answer actually fiverr didn't gave a proper answer. he said "There is no way that fiverr system can detect you using these extensions". he also said to be careful to not share our fiverr data like username and password. This extension i mentioned here not taking any details of us so its safe about that topic. he also said "I can't encourage you to use that extension because Fiverr doesn't endorse third-party programs." So i asked him proper say yes or no and he gave me ans "i cant give uh green light to use something is not created or approved by fiverr." so its confusing answers i got from i m not telling you its 100% approved by fiverr cause they don't allow to use third party and also he said that there is no system that can identify we are using this extension so if we use fiverr will don't know cause there is no system about it right now maybe in future they will think about it. here is a screenshots what we chat. I am not taking responsibility of using this extension cause fiverr didn't ave proper ans we can use it or not. USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK Thank You, Niki Patel
  4. okay, then why fiverr shows the username in mobile phone application? Fiverr provide rating to buyers review so we can find out buyer is good or not. but if we can't see buyer profile then whats the use of buyer review? its confusing I already sent a this Questions to fiverr community when i get reply i will quote here. follow topic so you get notification
  5. good question i am using since year no problem with this. i don't think its unsafe cause fiverr already shows buyer's username in mobile app so we also can use that username and find details about buyer but when its about computer fiverr don't show any details of buyer but when i use this i can easily find i am not 100% sure about it also tried to contact with fiverr community about this as soon as i get answer about it i will quote here. Thank you👍
  6. great👍 when buyer get proper output always buy gig again. unfortunately🙄 i have only some regular customer who buy my gig when they need. I am keep looking for new buyers form buyer request and there is a lots of fake buyer. and i hate when the new seller post a request of background remove all knows he sent fake request❌ but thus new immature Sellers who always have their ready buyer request note send without knowing anything just see background remove send send send😠.... on my god😲 i always feel bad why they do this. well after some some hard work i found a easiest way to rid of that sellers or fake buyers. if you wanna find out how i find who is right buyer or who is wrong just checkout this form if made it for who also have trouble like me. I hope you find something good in this. have a nice day. Thank You, Niki Patel
  7. none you just have install it on a chrome and pin this extension on the chrome and turn on whenever you will go in buyer request page it will automatically start working.
  8. Hi fiverr Sellers, Now a days a lots of new sellers send a fake request i don't know what they want to do but they do. Fiverr official site on web not showing buyer details who sending the requests so many sellers send them requests and waste their requests one of the reason new seller don't get any orders. So how we can figure out which buyer request is original? here is the way how i send my requests to only original buyers. in Chrome there is extension called "FIVERR +" install that extension and turn on the extension. no you can see the buyer details on the fiverr request page. This extension is too good we can see the buyer attachment without downloading we just have to click on icon and we can see attachment. We also can find out who is buyer we can figure out about buyer by this extension. This Extension is totally free. Always avoid the ".ly" link you see in the buyer request cause its shorten url i found inf graphics design whenever new seller found background remove service always send request but he/she don't know this request is fake. I am attaching here a ss of that extension so you can see how it will work. here shows how we can see buyer details easily and also we can figure out which requests are new or which are old. Here is the example how we can see attachments of buyers. Here is a Extension link:- Niki Patel's Tip link I hope you found something good in this topic if you really like my topic leave like. have a nice day. Thank You, Niki Patel
  9. i don't think so😳, for gig ranking 1) best is take orders keep rating 4.9 or 5 cause right now competition is too high. 2) choose proper SEO line for your gig. 3) choose gig tags wisely, Example:- if you new user choose 3 tag related your gig whom are in trending right now. and choose 2 tag where the gig competition is low. 4) When your provide order make sure you always make one image in order for your portfolio then when you deliver order choose that image as portfolio. 5) for a huge impression make a video of you best work fiverr give us 75 sec we can show our best work easily. Thank You
  10. search for fiverr related groups and share your gig link they will visit yours and you have visit their if any user looking for your gig related work he/she will buy your gig.
  11. ohh thank you so much i got it i was little bit stressed was working on video since morning so i made mistake.
  12. i uploaded 1 min 24 sec video means 74 sec still fiverr says its too long anyone know how to fix it?
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