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  1. Looks like you did get an order this month. Hi @j6nyc6 yes this my regular buyer no receive new orders like last month and before last month
  2. Hi @stelanssm same I have this issue I don’t know what happened i m waiting someone give us good tips Thanks
  3. Hi All members, last month and before last month I got more order but this month no have orders also I have all positive rating no late delivery just 5 orders cancel in 2 months but why I no receive new order and also my gig going down day by day from 2nd page to 11th page can you anyone give some tips where is issue or something wrong. Thanks
  4. Hi Fiverr friends, i am new sellers on Fiverr before few days i get more orders and i complete all with 5 start rating and positive reviews no cancel order no late but from 3 days i dont get any order why? can any one tell me. Thanks
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