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  1. Hello Guys, 2 Day’s back I got an order and client fill all the info I required. Just 2 hours of placing the order client requested to cancel the order and he say’s I order it by mistake and sent me mutual cancellation request. I accepted the request as I have no issue with it but after that my order completion rate got down which effects me most. What I can do it in if client says he order it by mistake… I think should not make impact of order completion rate. What you guys think about it? Is there any solution for this? Regards, Manjeet
  2. like @ibtehaj161 said… You have to download fiverr mobile app and from app you can get messages notifications and reply them fast. From app you can use voice typing… it’s very cool… I have used it and we can easily type long messages in few seconds… Try it once, Your response time will get better.
  3. Thanks @mariasereti for your Greetings 🙂
  4. Hello @qasimarif769 There are many thing which you should need to work on. Is your gig getting impression? Views and clicks? If yes with good numbers then you should need to work on your gig description or services you are offering. Also work on buyer requests. It will work for you I think.
  5. Yeup… 🙂 Hope to get some good earnings
  6. Hi, According to me you should need to write your main service in your gig title which you are going to offer. The alaborate same your gig description in details so that client get clear idea about what you are providing. If you writing something in your title just to attarct clients then it my not get converted to orders or can lead to cancelation. Thanks, Manjeet
  7. To get reviews you firstly need to get order and that you can get by offering on Buyer Requests" promoting your gig on “Social Media”. Once you get your first order then it’s upto your services and communication to get best reviews from client. 🙂
  8. How much revision requests you have mentioned in your gig or order? Just let the client know that you have to pay more for extra revisions then see what will be the response from client.
  9. Hello Guys, Hope you are going great. I am new to fiverr and working in Digital Marketing field. I love discussing things. Hope I will enjoy my fiverr journey. Regards, Manjeet
  10. may be you are absolutely right. The main category is for logo creation for Christmas or New Year Eve. It might be a good start of marketing their online store for Christmas shopping related stuff.
  11. Hi… Yes… it happens. Year end marks drop of businesses as its Holiday mood all over the world.
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