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  1. yes of course you can.Even i use it on my blog post.
  2. I am also facing this problem .Let me know if you know .I also need this information.
  3. You are Exactly right .Its like someone said bad about me or nothing to tell.
  4. Its really amazing.After reading this i realize that I have some issue about myself.Thanks for sharing an valuable idea with us.
  5. Suddenly showing this and after few time seeing ok. Is this any big issue? It’s telling me the account you looking for is no longer available.I am really tensed about it.Please tell me what can I DO NOW?
  6. Who gave you tread I just wanted to know you earn moch money like this.I did in my 3 years life around 336 from fiverr.
  7. I made on November 52$ for maximum 10 to 15 hours / in a day 😢
  8. As i know 14 days need to get money after project done.So no way get instant payment.
  9. In a strait word no you can use.Its seems you are using more then one account.
  10. For the last 3 months, I am doing marketing my gigs regularly. But the sad thing is not getting any order . In fact, I have not get any message from clients. Why this happening with me I don’t know. The bad thing that I can see my rating is 4.7. So I looking for help that can remove my stress. Thanks in advance.
  11. I think it should four order that can make grow up.
  12. Making a good logo you need to concern on some issue : Always be creative.Think about your own idea.Choose the best color for the logo.Find the better front that matches with the company.Remember the company policy when making a logo.
  13. Before few month some give order and i i delivered it on time.After work done he give bad review and gave 1star aslo said the logo do not represent us.After that long time no order.Now getting few response.Need oldest advice.what can i do ? Will i continue this id or delete id or remove old gig?
  14. its depend on how much time and hard work you have given for it.
  15. why not sure i would also like to make new friends:smiley:😃
  16. if you think you can’t deliver what buyer wants then please cancel order .but if you are able to deliver according to clients requirements then revised your work to avoid cancellation. . thanks . He is not giving time for revisions so I decided to cancel
  17. So you have to do it since your gig description says you will do unlimited revisions. You have to do it 100 times if you are asked to. If it not a revision but an completely new order send him an offer, a custom offer for it or tell him he needs to place a new order. I am ready for unlimited revisions but he is asking for cancelation
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