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  1. I thing before sending an offer, there should have a small discussion and agree with the terms, services and budgets. Because sending an offer before discussing in detail can be considered as discourteous. Yes I agree with that…
  2. Guys here are a few tips I use on the customer service end to communicate with clients. Greetings Don’t greet with ma/sir you might know the gender of the buyer. Don’t greet with your time; “good afternoon, good evening”. You and the buyer might not be on the same time zone. Rather use the most formal greeting… “Hello, thanks for contacting me, Bla bla bla.” Others Always ask questions where you don’t understand. show examples of your past works where necessary rather than refer to them as ma or sir… Look out if they drop their name, if they do use their name. Else don’t use any name at all if a client doesn’t respond after a long conversation about a job, still send an offer they may accept it later. Be nice when clients ask for revisions… Hope this helps in some way
  3. I see I still shows as $4 on my earnings tab… Thanks It Got me worried for a while…
  4. IMG_20210119_081029_2801984×1488 1.11 MBI was expecting to gain $4. Why did Fiverr take more than 20% Does anyone know?
  5. Lol… I am sure there is an explanation for this.
  6. Mine is showing that I’ve earned more than I have actually. About $700 more
  7. Hello FIVERR experts. I need advice to know exactly how top sellers constantly rake in streams of clients. Spamming on facebook groups doesn’t seem to work effectively. Any advice anyone?
  8. I’m from Nigeria, various places still function as normal but as there has been about 5 confirm cases, people have been at high alert and have started self isolating.
  9. These people are just looking for new settlers to exploit
  10. Are you using Gmail? I am starting to get furious at Google as it is obvious they are leaking my information everywhere. I now get spam everyday related to Fiverr projects I’m working on. i.e. I write copy for a hotel PMS system. and I suddenly start getting email ads for the best hotel PMS systems of 2020. It is driving me nuts. I recently noticed i get ads based on things i talk about. not the things i email or tweet or post about, but the the things i talk about literally… and this scares me.
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