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  1. Thank you all for your valuable suggestions. I believe these informations will help new sellers to go through a smooth journey and outstanding selling experience as well.
  2. In this post I am trying to bring light how we can deal our buyers in a better way. So there are many buyers I have come across where he tried to ask me if I can work for him outside of Fiverr. I know there are many established sellers out there. Could you kindly answer the following questions to help the new sellers? 1. When a buyer asks for your contact when you are already working for him on Fiverr how should we react? 2. If the buyer consistently insists to contact him, and if you do so, what are the outcomes you can expect in the worst case?
  3. @satarrabegum I am feeling great after knowing that this post helped you and answered your questions. I wish you all the best for your future. Welcome to Fiverr.
  4. Thank you for your splendid reply. Really means a lot. I can just forward your reply to my friends and I believe they are going to get answers for all questions they have in your mind.
  5. There are many friends of mine looking to start their career in the online platforms. Fiverr is their first choice, and they are quite skillful to become successful in the web development domain. But my concern is, after starting my journey with this marketplace, it was not an easy journey to come to this far. With the excessive number of freelancers, it is now even more challenging to attract buyers and ensure continuous monthly earning. My concern is: 1. How do you rate Fiverr for the newcomers? Is it still the best platform for the people looking to start their career in an online marketplace? 2. Does Fiverr still promote new gigs? 3. What will be the most suitable service to start with? Thank you. If you got time from your busy schedule, please do not hesitate to share your thoughts. Your opinion will really mean a lot.
  6. Thanks all for your replies. I am now contacting with the customer support and will let you know once get any update.
  7. Recently, the GIG promotion feature has been quite annoying to me. I do not know what are the criteria they follow to offer any seller the GIG promotion feature. I got htis option back in January and it was working quite week up to April. But on the beginning of May, Fiverr took away the privilege and I lost my gig promotion facility. I though some sort of poor performance was the reason. So I kept working hard and completed several orders to get the promotion back again. After getting promotional feature back, Ii completed two order and got five star. But eventually I lost the promotion option again although on the following morning they returned it back. But after keeping only for less than 24 hours the feature is gone again although I have completed a couple of orders with five star right after that. So what is happening? What is the algorithm working behind to determine who should get this feature and who should not? Is there anyone who can enlighten me regarding this matter?
  8. Posting this to know the condition of the market for the landing page services. Hey, folks hope you are doing well. I wish you the best of luck. May I know whether you are getting knocks from buyers for landing page-related services? I have already completed 35 orders this month. But suddenly from the last 2 days, my gig impression and click have been significantly dropped even though my gig is still on the first page for 2 keywords. So is it only me or the overall amount for landing page service has gone down? Please let me know, I am really tensed.
  9. Earned a New Badge. Feeling Great. Looking forward to the next year 😀
  10. Welcome to the fiverr mate - the best online market place in the world. 🙂
  11. Hello there, I hope everyone is doing well. In an unprecedented situation like we are all experiencing now many people have lost their jobs and they are engaging themselves to earn money online. As a result, It is obvious that many will need services like affiliate marketing, digital marketing, and so on. From my experience, I want to share with you something. Especially if you are a newcomer and looking for an opportunity to get orders, think about the services you can provide that will help people to earn money online. It can be anything but you must identify the service that you can provide to make money online. This will help you to get a head start to your Fiverr career and will help you in the long run as well.
  12. Can anyone let me know the number of gigs a level 2 seller can offer in Fiverr at a time?
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