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  1. I would also like to add that logo design is a VERY competitive field.
  2. Sometimes people browse and “favorite” their options, so the sale might come later. Check if you’re “favorites” number (the heart above your gig) is increasing. Not everyone buys right away. Most might be checking prices to put together a budget. Others might be drawn in by the lower Basic gig price, but it doesn’t cover everything they need and the Standard and Premium are out of their price range, so they’ll just keep browsing for cheaper options. Lots of different reasons. Based on my own experience alone as a buyer, there are times when I search for sellers, “favorite” the gig that I want, plan/prepare my budget, then come back and buy it when I’m ready - sometimes months later. As a seller, I have clients who contact me and ask me for prices, etc, then they disappear. And months later I’ll get a message from them like, “Okay, I’m ready!”
  3. A “Top Buyer” messaged me for a job two days ago as well. He wanted multiple written content. When I checked his profile, there were no reviews. I did not take the job. Written works are not protected by Fiverr. No way to watermark it. So I won’t take a chance on a client who’s supposedly a Top Buy but has no reviews whatsoever. Had it been a graphic design or formatting job where I have more control over delivery, I would’ve taken chance. Otherwise, nope.
  4. Sell the service you’re good at. If logo design is the bestselling service on Fiverr, are you going to offer a logo design service if you DON’T know how to design logos? Ask yourself: What am I good at? Where do my skills/talent lie? Then offer that. …
  5. No clue. It’s always been like that for me. That’s why I don’t sweat it when I get demoted.
  6. I always say this. I get more orders when I’m demoted to New Seller than when I’m promoted to Level 2. Every time I’m promoted to Level 2, my orders dry up.
  7. It will not go through. Fiverr no longer allow gigs that offer reviews of any kind.
  8. For my graphic work, I automatically write-off anyone who comes asking for samples as a time-waster. There’s plenty of samples, especially of recently delivered work, on my gig profile. What that tells me is that they didn’t bother to read and/or view without contacting me, or they’re fishing for ideas. Ex. One guy came to me recently for a cover design and had a bunch of questions. I spent time giving him advice on his genre and why X won’t work and Y will. Then he asked me to give him a couple of ideas of how I would design his cover for him. I told him the truth: I never know until I start designing. His reply was, “I know you probably don’t want to tell me because I haven’t ordered yet…” This immediately tipped me off to what he was doing. So I sent him a custom offer and told him that we would talk more once he placed the order. He replied, “Fine.” But he never did place the order. Turns out he had an order with a $5 seller the entire time and was trying to use me for ideas to pass on to the other seller (I tracked him). He wanted my knowledge but he didn’t want to pay for it. For my blurb writing gig, I don’t share samples of previous work out of confidentiality. Unless a client chose to share their work when leaving a review so it pops up on my profile, I won’t share it with anyone. There are two different buyers with this gig. Those who reply with, “I won’t buy your gig since I don’t know the quality of your writing”, and those who reply with, “Oh, okay, I understand. Please send me a custom offer for…” I’ve never had any problems with the latter. That said, this is just my own way of doing things. It’s worked for me. You just have to use your judgment and past experiences with bad clients to develop your own '“screening” method.
  9. What’s up with sellers being so terrified of bad reviews? I saw another post the other day where sellers are saying they’d rather cancel than get a bad review. I’m sorry, but I value my time and I’m not going to let buyers bully me and get away with it because I’m afraid of a bad review. Also, I’ve purchased from sellers with all glowing 5-star reviews, not one bad review, and got really crappy service that left me wondering where all those good reviews came from. And I’ve purchased from sellers with multiple bad reviews and got quality service. That said, I’ve become VERY picky as a seller. I now tell a lot of potential buyers that I am not available even when I am, based on a number of things - like that first contact message, or if they’re asking for samples or trying to bargain, etc. As a result, I have very few bad experiences. When I do get a bad review, I simply tell my side of the story.
  10. This is not true at all. I’ve had many buyers who filtered and found me in search of an American seller. My long term buyer who I do weekly projects with for the last month and future 3 months found me by filtering for an American (reliable) seller. “American” is now synonymous with “reliable”? In your opinion, what are non-Americans?
  11. I will try on the phone also and see if it works from there.
  12. Is anyone else having issues with “Review You Experience With This Buyer”? I find that I am unable to rate. The star ratings are just highlighting but not selecting, thus preventing me from rating in order to see my client’s review. Is this a bug or was there some changes made that I don’t yet know about?
  13. I once had “Avg. Reponse Time: 8 Days” on my profile. It was absurd because I never took longer than two hours to reply to anyone. I went back and forth with CS for weeks before they finally got it sorted. I still don’t know why that was. So it’s good to keep checking your profile to make sure Fiverr isn’t giving incorrect info.
  14. Good, compassionate, understanding response. It’s all one can ask for when they post on here. The OP doesn’t seem to understand/speak English all that well ( I could be wrong) and thus figuring out the process and where he went wrong is proving to be challenging for him.
  15. Has this person bought from you on another platform? Because your Fiverr account is new and doesn’t have gigs or sales, so, if they bought from you on Fiverr, it would mean that you have violated Fiverr’s Terms of Service by having more than one account. Or was your old account removed/banned, and you have obtained the permission from Customer Support to open a new one? It’s possible a new account was created to make this post.
  16. Coming back to say it work. I clicked only two boxes and it went through. Thanks again!
  17. Okay, thank you. I will try the selection thing again. If that fails I’ll just contact CS.
  18. I’m not too familiar with the rules of Buyer’s Request, as I don’t send them a lot. But I’ve been trying to submit an offer on a request and I keep getting this error: “Something went wrong, please try again.” I’ve tried refreshing the page, closing the browser and launching a new one, etc, but I keep getting the error each time. Which leads me to believe Fiverr is blocking me from making an offer on this request? For those of you who are familiar with Buyers’ Request, can you help me to understand what might be the issue here? Why am I getting this error? Thanks!
  19. If you feel you have done nothing wrong and have been abiding by the TOS, then simply appeal. Present more than one proof of identity. Good luck 🙂
  20. Did you take screenshots during the process of building the website. Like Day 1, Day 1 Day 3, etc to show progress? If yes, then contact CS for support and show them the shots. I wouldn’t just cancel an order after putting 20 days or work into something. I would at least fight for what’s mine first. If all seems lost, then cancel and be sure to keep in-progress records next time.
  21. True. I guess it depends on the quality of the repeat client. I survive mostly off repeat clients and I can say none of them tries to exploit me like that (sneaking in an extra 1k words etc). If a repeat client did that once,I would give them the benefit of the doubt and let it go. But if they did it a second time I would know for sure I’m being exploited and call them out on it. I always have good, jovial conversations first regarding the order with these clients anyway before I send them a custom offer. It helps me to deliver them exactly what they need, but it also prevents them from being decietful (conscience).
  22. This is why I believe Fivver should put in place some sort of protection like they do with watermarks on graphic designs. Maybe allow only 80% of the work to be downloaded by the client unless they approve delivery. Or something! Because at the end of the day, people can simply download the delivered work and then reject the order. I do formatting also, but I no longer receive these clients because I can now tell from a client’s first message if they are going to be a problem client and immediately tell them I’m not available for the job. In book formatting, I find too many clients trying to dictate to me what I should be charging for the job. I turn down a lot of orders and it has saved me a lot of headaches. I only accept orders from clients who come knowing exactly what they want and doesn’t balk at the price or try to get a discount. In my experience, these clients are usually super easy to please (because they know what they want) and they always, always tip. And always come back. Really, as long as you have a steady set of non-problematic repeat clients, you should be fine.
  23. This is something I would have let slide for a repeat client also. Especially if the job is over $100.
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