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  1. As a new seller i didn’t know all the tos (Terms and services) of fiverr . Fiverr restricted us to do work before we got the order.It’s really a friendly Rule for both side. i highly appreciated this. everyone should read all the tos at least once. Today a Client knocked me and ask me to redesign some issues on his website.We talked and he agreed.When i asked for his website’s dashboard access,he denied and said me that he don’t want many developers work on his site at a same time.Then i consider his matter and worked on it.He liked the project that i done for him and then he said to give me less money than that of the amount he promised me to pay. Please everyone be careful,Be respectful to fiverr,Read fiverr’s Tos Thank You
  2. Thnak you for your concern. I just read that post. that is really helpful one. please suggest me other post like these.
  3. Your post makes me learn new things,new strategies. I will follow these trick from now.Wish me good luck
  4. Actually there is no default or standard time period for submitting the revision work. Actually it varies from sector to sector. Like a correction in web development can take much time than that of translation. Again there’s some revisions that are minor and some are major.So according to the needs ,your revision time period will vary.But i think we should complete the revision as fast as we can.That will make them happy and give them better experience .And you may have a chance to win tips 😅
  5. I’m on the same boat with you. But I’m trying the utmost to get order.What i have learn the past days are: be active on fiverr 2.Share your gigs on social Media 3.Stay online as long as you can 4.Proper use of Buyer Request
  6. You are safe. Nothing bad will happen to you. It will have no impact on you. As soon as the buyer fullfil the requirements,the clock will started to move 🙂
  7. Seems like a tougher situation. I am new here so can’t help you on this. I think we should read the fiverr rules and regulations more sincerely.Fiverr’s Terms of Service are made for the better outcome of buyer and seller.
  8. Greetings, I’m Himel. I’m a web developer living in Dhaka, Bangladesh.I’m an experienced Front-End Web Developer with more than 2 year of experience in HTML,CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery ,PHP and Wordpress. I create fully responsive Websites for Individuals and Companies according to the customer’s vision, needs, and requirements.I work patiently and my ultimate goal is to satisfy my Clients.I work till you’re satisfied!! I am a fan of programming, video games, and football. I’m also interested in cricket and photography.
  9. Wow Your post really breaks the puzzle . Thank you . Now i have a better understanding on fiverr gig selling
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