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  1. Hi All! Newbie here. Got some really helpful tips to maximize my gig potential. Just read the thread and one secret needs clarification: How do I send a buyer request?
  2. Hi @lloydsolutions, Thanks a lot for sharing the link. I’m on it!
  3. Hi, All I’ve been inactive for quite a while, but now my interest in Fiverr has revived and I’m really looking into receiving first order. I’ve noticed that my gig gets impressions but conversion to views and clicks is bad. I need advice on how to improve my gig. Here’s the link to it https://www.fiverr.com/utich_eng_rus/localize-your-web-or-mobile-app-into-russian Maybe it’s all about an image or a call-to-action words. Thanks in advance!
  4. Welcome! Let the journey across Fiverr begin! 😎
  5. Thank you all for welcoming me! Feeling really inspired. Let the journey begin!
  6. My name is Eugene (aka utich) and I’m from Russia. I’ve been working for a game development studio for a while. One of my duties’s been orchestrating the localization process of websites and games the studio owns. I really love it and strive for sharing my knowledge in this field with fellow freelancers here and improve my skills by helping more individuals or small companies localize their games or apps. Russian is my native language so if you need English to Russian translations for you mobile apps (I own an iOS and an Android device), feel free to drop me a line! Have a great weekend everyone!
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