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  1. Hey so i am trying to link my bank account for width drawing money.The payoneer account is required in order to do that.It requires an address but in my country(or at least where i live),we don’t have a proper address system.When i enter what i know of the address,it says that the address is invalid. What can i do. btw is there any other way to widthdraaw without pay pal,payoneer??
  2. i reported the typo hopefully they get it sorted soon
  3. Seems 🙂 , can lead to confusion like this case. You can send CS a message with the typo, they will value your contribution. how can i do thAT…(god! the minimum 20 characters limit is killing me 😡 )
  4. ps: i also hate how fiverr has minimum character constraints on every thing really does mess me up some times
  5. but what about the onbaord faq that says i have 14 days to widthdraw the amount
  6. hey so i completed my first order which was 5$ my first question is that whay did i get 4$ instead of 5 is it because of a late delivery? AND NUMBER 2 what is meant by “Funds clearing”/ it’s confusing because i read a topic on the forums which asked the same question and people said that you have to wait 14-17 days after only that you are able to draw your money but when i looked up the on_site FAQ, it said that i have 14 days to"widthdraw" the amount but when i go to click on paypal, it says “no funds available to draw” (see picture)
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