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  1. If you try to avoid the rules of Fiverr, why would you be on Fiverr? It’s not fair that a company facilitates a platform for you and me to benefit work and people only try to think of themselves (i need money, i need work, i need this… i need that). Just respect the rules, be authentic and you will notice your FIverr gigs will do better. Most people complain because they don’t read or don’t follow up in the correct way.
  2. Top sellers should also be given similar priveleges, as I think sellers are not that well protect with “n00b”-buyers. ANd with n00b I don’t mean beginners, but people who can’t make up their mind. They often buy/order something and cancel afterwards, because they saw something cheaper or ordered the wrong gig. I even had someone being lazy not willing to deliver images which is ridiciulous as this was the fundamental part of the gig itself. This affects the quality of the sellersrating which actually has nothing to do with the seller. The buyer has to thinkover what is neccesary and needed, BUY = BUY. UX-Wise, you should have a screen with a summary with the order saying: Neccessary from buyer: X Y ZDelivery by seller: AIf buyer can’t deliver X Y Z, than buyer can’t deliver AThat easy. Fiverr should show sellers more security, as buyers are breaching rules a lot of times, actually without getting noticed. The sellers are more protected in this case instead of the serious and truthful sellers.
  3. Welcome and hope you’ll have a good businesstime on Fiverr.
  4. Send it another message and try to solve it today. If that does’t work, tell them politely that you already made a revision for 10 times, instead of 1. (depends on what your own gig says, are there unlimited revisions or is it just 1?). If it doesn’t work. Send a dispute to the Fiverr-helpcenter to get some help
  5. In general people don’t read and I am feeling Fiverr is not that pro-active in protecting sellers for “unintelligent” buyers who want to harm your score, or just don’t know what they want. My score fluctuated up and down because of this, although in general everything is 5-stars reviewed, so I personally think there should be an extra step before ordering for the buyer. A tickbox which says: Are you sure you want to buy this Gig? And then move on. It’s ridiculous that people/fellow designers/gigholders like you need to bleed for mistakes made by others. A matter of good UX/UI Design in the order flow.
  6. make sure you write complete descriptions with specific details. I noticed that the more information I wrote out, the more traction I created with orders and requests. But there are more ways to achieve this, I only used this technique which worked for me personally. Good luck on experimenting!
  7. I am for quite some time on Fiverr, but I noticed Sellers are quite badly protected for cliënts who don’t want to read the details of a Gig. I had experienced this lately, when one cliënt ordered a simple $10 gig, but didn’t want to deliver image files (a request I demand to keep up the quality and speed). The cliënt requested me to download the files from his site, but without reference to the imagelink or section. I communicated that I don’t do that, because it’s stated in the information about the Gig. The cliënt was too lazy and requested a cancellation. As a true hardcore Fiverr-fan I thought, let’s cancel, so we’re both mutually happy (client and designer) so we can continue our own path. After mutual cancelation, I noticed my deliveryratio went down by 20%. Where it was 100% for years. I really felt surprised and offended, as I thought it would help in customerservice being friendly for a mistake a cliënt made. I know there are always choices, but I think it’s weird Fiverr is only looking from a cliëntside. In this way customers can on purpose downgrade professionals. I think this topic is a long discussion, but worth for Fiverr to have a look at. What do you think as a Fiverr-seller, experienced this before and how did you react?
  8. Be active on the forumPromote your gigs on social mediaBe helpful to others,Repeat all stepts.
  9. Are the chinese names existing ones or translations/meanings from western language to a chinese name?
  10. I think it depends on the gigs. You can’t say Corona/COVID-19 is the reason that it decreased in traffic. It could be one of many factors, but always keep in mind that there are more fish in the sea than you can see. Keep the faith.
  11. A few minutes ago I was being messaged by a fellow Fiverr-member if I wanted to multiply my income by clicking on a website-link. After checking it out, it appears to be a Fiverrbot-service which is a paid service. Was wondering if more people have been approached with commercial messages like this? It’s against Fiverr-rules to do this and also polutes my inbox, since it looks like an easy way to multiply your income, but in my opinion, only hard work is the way to go. No Bots, No Automation, just hard work pays off.
  12. It all depends on what kind of gigs you have and what you can deliver. Is it unique? Is it replaceable?
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