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  1. You need to contact your CA for Exemption Certificate.
  2. Choose exempt option if your annual income is less than 5 lakhs and fill pan card details. after that 1% TDS will be deducted from each order’s revenue, if you not submit pan details 5% tax will be deducted. If your earning is more than 20 lakhs then enter GST details. Section-194-0 (1% TDS):** Here is where you need the “Exemption Certificate” stating that you earn less than 5L PA. If you don’t want to do that, you can update your PAN No. and claim that 1% back as refund when you file ITR next year (assuming you don’t incur any tax liability) - it should show up in your Form-26AS.Note that if you don’t update your PAN No. and also don’t provide an exemption certificate then 5% TDS will be deducted instead of just 1%. 2. GST (1% TCS or 18% for Promoted Gigs): As others mentioned in this post, here you can select “Exempt” and “Not Registered for GST” if you earn less than 20L PA through Fiverr.
  3. Yes, it’s a TDS income tax fee for every order 1%. tax. If you submit a tax exemption certificate to fiverr support they will exempt the fee.
  4. Healthy diet, sanitizer, mask. Eat lot of fruits. ‘C’ vitamin based diet , If you want to increase immunity eat more raw food and avoid oily and packed food
  5. I hope this situation gets better soon. Thank you very much Fiverr for your support and for this platform 💓
  6. Get your CA to give you a certificate. Submit that to customer support. How to get that certificate? Do we need to send an exemption certificate immediately after selecting the exempt option?
  7. Hey, I also got the same notification. I am not sure which option should I select from How is your service taxed?
  8. Are you fulltime freelancer or also do job?
  9. Great update… very useful for long term and large project. Thank you 🙂
  10. Wow. this is really amazing feature. I haven’t received any notification about this feature yet. I would like to have this feature. now I can sell design work as monthly basis. super amazing. :hugs:
  11. Do you know why every water bottle is blue? Why every traffic “Stop” sign is red? It’s because different colors make people feel different emotions. Water bottle is blue, because it looks more trustworthy. Would you drink from a water bottle that it’s color is black? I would not even think about buying one. Every traffic “STOP” sign is red, so it will focus driver attention and make him more alert. I learned that when I was studying web design and Im still using it today on my websites. If i would be making layout for doctor’s website or payment service company I would totally go on blue with white. Ecology Party Website? There you go green, your turn… You can see color psychology used everywhere, because it’s so effective. There are artist, companies, politics that are using it. You can use it on your main gig image, so you can affect potential buyers emotions! You could just change colors on it and make your gig more effective. Okay Michał, but I have 5 orders and no time to read so much. I get it and I value your time. Below I will list most important colors and when to use them. You can read more about color psychology online, as im not psychologist 😁 Red: Increases attention, passion and energy. You can use it for: Making your gig more noticeableBring more attention to important informationsWarningsBlue: Increases calmness, trust and safety. You can use it for: Making your gig more trustworthyMake your products look saferHelp your clients feel more secureOrange: Increases friendliness and energy. You can use it for: Making your gig look more friendlyMake your product look more uniqueFind younger target audienceWhite: Increases easiness and simplicity. You can use it for: Make your gig look simpler to understandMake your products look more clean (perfect choice for toothpaste, soap)Make your clients feel calmerYellow: Increases mood and passion. You can use it for: Make your gig feel more passionateMake your clients feel more comfortableGreen: Increases naturalness and healthness. You can use it for: Environmentalist themeMake your product feel more naturalPart 2: How to choose colors for your gig image? Thank you very much for the tips 💫
  12. Don’t worry. you have network problem so it’s showing retry again for live version nothing else. Just delete browser cache and cookies and login again and check network connection speed.
  13. I’m feeling proud to be a part of this magical platform. cheers fiverr!!! you are making my life amazing and better. Thank you very much 🙂
  14. It’s illegal and your ac will be permanently blocked. please don’t trick system. send daily buyer request and make gig images attractive
  15. I think he is spamming you. check buyer’s previous reviews, If he is top buyer and if you think he is genuine , you can send him logo with watermarks on it and low resolution files.
  16. heyyy… welcome to fiverr community 😊 Good luck 💫
  17. Hey, please go to messages > All conversations and check spam messages. sometime fiverr don’t show any notification for spam messages
  18. If you contact customer support they will ban delete seller’s ac and refund you money in your fiverr ac(you can’t transfer that money into bank account). you can purchase another gig from that money. The best way is to contact your seller and he\she will surely create new game for you.
  19. Wow amazing… I am creating my new game development gig soon. Thank you very much fiverr ✨
  20. Very sad . In India 6000 cases,504 recovered and 180 died. Hope everything will be ok soon. 😔
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