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  1. I don’t know what you mean, I’m quite new myself.
  2. Welcome to Fiverr hope you have success, best wishes.
  3. Hey Richard, I’m pleased you have had some success on Fiverr. As someone who is relatively new on here I’m yet to find my first client. However reading your post perhaps I might be able to offer some value to you in regards to your career. Maybe my gigs could be of use to you and it could be both our lucky days.
  4. Hi miiila, I found it a bit tricky uploading my video’s, I’m not great with tech and was concerned about the sound if people could hear my gig and if the video quality was good enough. I think that’s a good idea though to have a sound control option.
  5. Hi Uxreview, that’s great thanks for your advice, I’m going make a few alterations based on this. I think a new video will be a good idea and ill take a look at the title, regards.
  6. Welcome to Fiverr, hope you have the best success on here. I’m still working growing my sales on here so I’m no expert, however I would recommend spending a bit of time on the forums and in the right topics sharing a link to your gigs, Good Luck
  7. That’s really useful appreciate your advice on that one, I take pride in offering an excellent service for my clients. I guess I just need to develop the way they are presented and tweak my gigs as you suggested so I can reach more people so they can benefit from my service. Your work is to a very high standard so Im sure you will get more buyers before long. Good Luck and thanks.
  8. Hey Welcome to Fiverr best of luck with your success.
  9. Hope you get this sorted soon. Obviously you are delivering quality for the client.
  10. Its great to see determined people on Fiverr, best of luck with your success. Hopefully you will get the ball rolling and get some orders for your gigs.
  11. Thank you for the suggestions, I’ve been on Fiverr a little while now and I haven’t had a great deal of interest in my gigs. I’m actually offering excellent value too. Which is why I’m confused I’m not getting more hits. I suppose we all need the first one to get the ball rolling, so I’m still fishing ha ha.
  12. Best of luck on fiverr, I would love to know myself
  13. Best of luck on Fiverr, hope you have success.
  14. When you find out, I would love to know. Best of luck
  15. Welcome to fiverr, good luck with your success here, if you need anything just ask
  16. I’ve been on Fiverr for a little while, I’ve mainly used it for buying, having spent many hours up skilling I’m ready to start selling on here. I’m just hoping for my first gig ha ha
  17. Welcome to Fiverr, I hope you have the best success here.
  18. Welcome to Fiverr, hope you have the best of luck with your gigs.
  19. Welcome to the Fiverr site, hope you have the best of luck with your gigs.
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