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  1. Hey, just received a weird message, maybe you guys can help me to understand is this a kind of scam or something? Account from US.
  2. It’s a personalized video. It’s not an high end project, just a funny video. It’s not meant for commercial use in any ways. I am just wishing you guys not to get same type of customers! 😃
  3. If someone orders from me a book, but I only send them the manuscript with no proofreading and editing made, it’s still incomplete work. You promise high-quality resolution delivery. Anything lesser than that is against TOS. I think you shouldn’t do that because you risk being banned. But that’s just my opinion. You said: " What will i get upon the delivery of my order? For basic gig, you will get the final logo in high-resolution (300 DPI, CMYK print-ready and RGB) with transparent background, logo real-preview (you could also call this as “3D-mockup”), copyrights, vector file, and logo in altered versions (if possible)." If you don’t do that from first delivery, you will be banned. Anyways, I think you guys shouldn’t jump to conclusion. The OP is now banned, and it didn’t seem to have a history with Fiverr. I tried on Archive.org and didn’t find anything about him. His forum account was 1 hour old. Therefore, I don’t know what to believe about his claims. Personally, if someone tries to gets away with my work without paying (no one ever succeeded that, I always refused cancellations and CS took my side) I will simply publish the said work online as mine! If they try to use it later, it will be a copycat. That can be used for videos, sounds files, photos, anything. The OP always has powers, especially on proven platforms like YouTube and likewise. @manucornel I am still here, just my fiverr name is ronnie_videos wthout the 1 at the end. I have delivered 750+ orders, first time getting this situation. 😦
  4. @pandumstudio Yes, I send it in full resolution. I don’t know the reason I would send it in a lower resolution. Not sure if this would prevent cheating.
  5. I got an order, made the video. Next day the buyer told that he didn’t order and it was his son that made the order and he wants a refund. It’s was not a huge project - 45$, but it still felt like cheating so I refused. After that the buyer started spamming request revision button and asking for a refund. I contacted the fiverr support the they told me to tell buyer that it is against fiverr rules. Customer replies “no,sorry” . Later the support said they can’t force to accept the order and that I need to cancel it… so… I CAN ORDER ANY GIG HERE AND JUST NOT ACCEPT IT. I can make a story about stolen card or I can just not accept it without any reason. I can order any expensive gig and just say “NO” after the delivery without any details. This is so unfair. We are at the mercy of our customers. Makes me so sad to know that it is so exploitable. My experience was just 45$ and took me ~20min, other sellers might be working a few weeks on their project. cry
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