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  1. Hey there! I want to Delete My Fiverr account without withdrawing revenue($5) . Any idea? please share!!!
  2. Thanx to everybody for nice and good suggestions.
  3. But when I’m in logged in by mobile app and check from PC by another browser it is not shwing me online.
  4. Hi @dastemirkan, Welcome to Fiverr’s World. Hoping your successful journey in Fiverr. Thanx in advance.
  5. Hey there! I would like to ask all of you below some question as a part of Fiverr Tips. Q#1: What is the benefit of showing always online? Q#2: I always logged in Fiverr but after 10 or more minutes later, it is not showing me online. Is any way to show me online till my browser is opened with an internet connection? Q#3: If I use the auto-refresh extension in the browser, Will it make any harm to my account and is these ways is out of rules of Fiverr? Please answer my question with your real experience in Fiverr. Thanx in advance.
  6. Hey @travydavid, always try heart and soul, develop your skill to succeed in Fiverr, thanx in advance. Carry on.
  7. Most important and potential tips for the beginner, thanx @smsservice4
  8. Carry on, wishing your golden future @chuanwang897
  9. Most important & useful for me, I use step 1 in my PC and also use app in my Android.
  10. You can change your gig description with your keywords, gig video, gig image & pdf to rank your gig in top. But please don’t make any change in the title, if you change gig title, your gig url would not be changed. Gig url is permanent & you can’t change it.
  11. Hey there! I want to sign in my Fiverr account from my Android phone & my desktop at a time. Because when I’m login in desktop, it is not showing me online after five / ten minutes & I’ve to refresh my browser. Now I want to use the Fiverr app on my android and log in from android to show me online all the time. So I need to log in from both Desktop & Mobile at a time. Would it any problem to my account for login from two devices at a time? Please suggest me.
  12. You are showing online, but you claim not showing. Actually this is the problem? Or you are trying to increase traffic to your gig?
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