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  1. i won’t be able to send custom offer he said he don’t want to make an order.just instructions because he’s a logo maker and seller in fiverr too…
  2. Hello someone messaged me with my gig on it. and i thought it 's an order i asked how can i help with that design you’ve got in your mind. so it was all in Spanish and i always had to google translate them.and asked for samples and i sent.then more samples i also sent they were my unique designs.it’s okay but then he/she sent an image and asks how do you create something like this and that.and don’t like to make an order too…etc. i said i’m sorry my gig only offers design works not instructions.hence this ain’t an order i’m leaving the conversation have a good day. then i blocked him/her. this is a serious matter about respecting professional ethics and the i’d like to know any better ways to submit samples…
  3. yes but there’s no closer drop-down menu about that on, please suggest if you know.thanks
  4. Continuing the discussion from Can i use two account under one IP address?: Thanks for this information, the customer care always ask for a title when you ask them a question, how do we know the exact titles relevant to having options for family members accounts…anyone know the path please let me know. Thanks
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