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  1. Customer has replied and I have delivered the work. Thanks for your response. What are the consequences of cancelling the order ? does it effect my profile ?
  2. I have worked with this client long back. So agreed for less money for customer retention. Now it is becoming hectic to finish the job.
  3. Hi, Thanks for the response. It's like, I have to summarize the contents he has provided in the beginning and then send him back for more info. I can't ask the client for each line details right.
  4. Hi, I got a job for less money, but I accepted because I wanted to have more clients. It's a one week job but client asked for 3 days delivery. On 3rd day he asked to extend delivery days to 2 more days to provide more details about the project. Since now delivery date has been extended twice, still did not receive the project details. My concern is , he has been asking for deliver today, now only 8hrs left and no response from client regarding the project requirements. What shall I do to avoid any bad impact on my profile? Plz help.
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