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  1. If you are getting impression and click but doesn't get Order it mean you should fix the pricing. You should research pricing similar to your GIG's..🤑
  2. Who said if people click and don't buy, it is called coverstion rate? -_- Don't share wrong information please.
  3. buyer/someone not people ? 😕 if people see then its view and when buyer/someone its click ? can i laugh loudly ?
  4. What is the different between GIG VIEW and CLICK? I don’t understand what is the diffrent between them, I ask many sellers about this but they have a different answer, can anyone please give me the right answer about GIG VIEW and Click?
  5. Hi @imraan_zaack, Do not refresh, just send your offer. 😉 Buyer Requests (BR) only stays on view little time for new/unleved sellers, normally until 10 to 14 sellers have sent their offers so, once you get to see a BR you’re interested on, don’t refresh the page and send your offer. well, i open the buyer request and type the cover latter after that i will send the request without refreshing but is it really reach to him/her if he/she close the request before i submit?? 😃
  6. When i get a Buyer request at first i read carefully after that I create a Cover latter depend on That buyer request, after completing the cover later i refresh for sending the buyer request i can see the buyer request is invisible -_- how can i solve this issu? should i send common buyer request? help me out guys
  7. If it’s exactly the same service, no. not same service but same sub catagory, possible ? for example " annual report , company profile etc hasn’t different sub catagory , seller used to use BROCHURES as sub catagory for these service, so can i create a gig that title is " i will create brochure design " and the sub catagory is BROCHURES also an another gig " i will create annual report design " also that gig’s sub catagory is BROCHURES, The title/service isn’t same but the sub catagory is same, so is it Against of TOS??
  8. is it something that i can also create in same sub catagory but different title?
  9. We work hard,we give better service for this reason we get a good tips but this is really disappointing when fiverr also take vat from our tips 😦
  10. Hellooo forum people! What is plan in 2019 for firverr ?
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