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  1. Encouragement really does make a difference. Thank you @emrlanka, these tips are helps me a lot.
  2. Suggestion Done:hugs: I think so! Thank you @djwaruna for sharing your nice opinion
  3. 😳 Where did you get that I was scared of anything? :roll_eyes: Maybe you wanted to reply to somebody else and made a mistake :thinking: I will limit myself to say the following: There are no courses for my category - I offer English to Spanish translation & Spanish proofreading.My skills are very well developed in my field of expertise - I’m a bio electronics engineer.I have my own business in real life, Fiver is just an extra income due to the special circumstances my country is going through. Until now, I never needed an extra job, I did fine and had everything I needed and wanted.I have never been related to design, illustration, logo, content writing or whatsoever and I’m not interested on those courses either - whether they are paid or free.Learning have never been an issue for me, whenever I needed or wanted to learn something, I did and will continue to do it - basically, I’ve been studying my whole life and giving the best of me in everything I do. 😉 Mr @cuveni I appreciate you for sharing your valuable ideas!
  4. At last… The only thing now is to remove that blind review. That’s awful. Thank you @mjensen415 for providing help full information
  5. I agree with you. Thanks Mr. @uk1000
  6. Congratulations! dear @cldisplay_seo
  7. Thank you dear @cuveni like your comments
  8. Thanks mr. @arrumi96 I do agree with
  9. Awesome! Your tips helps me a lot!! Special Thanks to @jameslovell
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