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  1. No, I am not complaining about the system also if I do not know how gig ranking algorithm work then how I ranked 4 of my gigs? But this time the scenario is different suddenly 4 gigs de-ranked, I shocked and become confused that what I did and how this is possible.
  2. Ohhh dear !! I spend 2 years and after continuous hard work I reach this level, Some gigs become ranked, I get orders and become level 1. Now if I facing de-ranking problem and I don’t know what to do then I have no right to ask from seniors or experts? of course there will be good people who willing to help others and suggest you what to do. and Please if you can’t help someone then don’t say such kind of words too, you have no right to blame someone!
  3. This question is asked approximately 20 billion times every day on the forums. I strongly recommend searching this topic in the forums to see what countless sellers more experienced than me can recommend. It’s a hustle though, there is no quick fix. Thanks for your time and valuable feedback!
  4. Do you think there is way through which I can get my position back?
  5. So what you suggest me to do now? How can I get my gigs positions back or better then that?
  6. I’ll try but I don’t think one know about that algorithms!
  7. Thank you, I agree with you and I know about all this things. But I not did such kind of things which cause de-ranking and the main point is why all 4 gigs together?
  8. Hi everyone, Four of my gigs were ranked on different specific keywords. The impressions, clicks of all that gigs were good but last week the gigs disappear suddenly from 1st pages. I am worried about it, I don’t know what to do! Should I contact CS?
  9. Hmm, If this happens with everyone then may be this is not our fault.
  10. This is normal, Don’t worry about this.
  11. Ohh, Same here! 3.2k impression of one of my gig dropped to 200.
  12. Hi everyone, I hope you all are doing good. I am level 1 seller, 4 of my gigs were ranked on different specific keywords but in the last week all 4 gigs suddenly disappear from first pages, Impression, clicks, views become decreases. I don’t understand what’s going on! I do not change the title, gig images, tags, and not even the gig description. But I was log out for 2-3 days. So what do you people think? The problem happens because I was logout? Looking forward to your’s valuable suggestions, Thanks 🙂
  13. And you have violated the forum rules, which is why your post got flagged. I don’t think I use bad words nor target a specific person. But it’s okay!
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