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  1. BEST AND MOST HELPFUL ANSWER: follow the same steps: 1- search what you wanna make your gig about 2- let say UIUX. go to Fiverr and search for UI UX only 3- now open all top-rated sellers at least 10 if not then top 10 gigs on the page 4- check the specific words in their title other than UIUX for example “custom, best, beautiful, web, design, mobile, ios, etc” these are gig niche or specifications 5- copy all these in a note pad 6- now check which one is mostly used by them let say ‘beautiful’ 7- now check how many gigs have the same word in their title on the first page of search 8- if it’s greater than 10 or equal to 10 or if it’s more than all other words ( search all above (4) ) 9- use the same word in your title and make sure your title characters are not more than 45 or 50 or remain as “perfect” ranked by Fiverr 10- now use all the 10 words you took from the gigs and use them properly (no copy-paste) in your gig description all of them must 3 times especially your gig word “beautiful” 11- add 2 of your other gigs shareable short link in the gig at the end before “last line” ( take the shareable links by clicking on the share button on the gig page ) 12- check the top 20 gigs tags and check how many of them are common and use the 5 most common 13- for gig image use canva (i prefer photoshop) “contact me on Fiverr at binarycase10 and I will make 3 gig images in $5 only with quora reference” 14- for images use size 550 width 370 height and margin of text should be around 10 px to 20 px. this way on search pages your text will appear properly and fully not sliced as Fiverr uses small images thumbnail on those pages. 15- as Fiverr website colors are bright we need to use contrast colors like black, blue, orange, red. to attract our gig from others. 16- don’t use much of text/images only 1 or 2 images and 2 to 3 bold text but must be clean. 17-Font “ROBOTO BLACK/BOLD” or “OPEN SANS BOLD” 18- especially share your gig on Linkedin/Facebook/insta with the same hashtags + hashtags of software/tools you use like #adobexe #fiverr #uiux …. etc if you wanna learn more visit me on Fiverr at binarycase10
  2. there is one way i found that helps the seller and secure them more today i made a project for buyer he asked me i forgot to buy r=premium package i canceled it for him and lost my 20% rating then i he again chose the same package i added extras than i made video for his website after i made it all he said i dont want this i want my app video but he never told me about app before we were talking about website i asked him i will make that too for net order he said ok but when i deliver the website video fully HD 1920*1080p he rejected it by saying its poor quality and cancel the order and affect my rating 10% more now he has the video that i deliver but what i get is 30% drop down in my rating. solution: fiverr should allow deliver project for download by buyer after he marks it complete and gives review before that he can only see it on fiverr in this way there is no way buyer can cheat and i think that must be done as early as possible i spend 3 days on it my money is gone my time is gone and my rating is gone and i am so disappointed that fiverr has no way to deal with it (as far as i know)
  3. open the custom offer option in gig analytics it will help you to get more buyer request.
  4. how can i get the first gig is there anyone who can just visit my gig as a buyer and explain to me for any inconvenience it will be very helpful. https://www.fiverr.com/users/binarycase10
  5. still facing offline problem . i think there should be some page on fiverr where they post the regular problems they solved and let people post their problems or live message ??? my profile offline problem is getting worse
  6. There is an irritating problem i found at least for me and might be for others also
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