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  1. I just did that and landed here. Thanks though 😁
  2. Please tell me Eye Catching offers description on buyer request in logo designing. Send me some samples of descriptions to get order.
  3. Thanks, I visit your suggested link, Link is very important. But there is one point “Don’t overcrowd with images, either.” I have seen Gigs with overcrowded images takes more clicks as compare to one image in one screen.
  4. Thanks Zaiba Sister. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: for appreciating me.
  5. And tell me please , in 24 hours, Which 6 to 8 hours are best for getting orders??? thanks.
  6. Thanks Chumkee for response , But can you help me by giving me succesive advise where are mistakes in my gigs, Because there are lot of impressions, views and clicks and have no order, I want to to know my mistakes, and want to improve y gigs, Some people gives me suggestion to improve gigs but they donot tell me in which place, my gig is weak, I’ll be very thankful to you if you help me in this problem, Thanks Chumkee, i hope you will guide me as good friend.:thinking:
  7. Dear Qasim bahi, Please tell me which gig is weak, and where improvement is needed??? Thanks…
  8. I am waiting from last one month for orders . No one gives me order. Please tell me hoe to get orders. I have improve my gigs and there are 300+ impressions, 19+ clicks and many views but no order. Please check my gigs and tell me what is problem with my gigs ? Why no one gives me order? Thanks.
  9. Thanks. Somaginer. I’ll try my best. :thinking:
  10. You all are my seniors. :thinking: Dear somaginer 🙂 You too give me some suggestion to make selling. Thanks.
  11. Thanks. But I have no foreign friend on social media 😦 But I’ll try my best to promote. Kindly check my gigs and recommend me any improvement if needed.
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