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  1. Hi Friends , One week ago I get order from fiverr.And I successfully done this work.My client also happy to see my work.But he give feedback 3.7* for mistake.After given the feedback client say to me sorry for his mistake and he try to change feedback but failed becuage fiverr new rules if give feedback once second time do not change.After that,Few days I do not get order and send buyer request for clients bad review.Now senior friends and sir help me now How can I get order everyday. Thanks Misbah_Saiful
  2. How does any business find customers and success? They market and promote their products and services to the target customers that need what they are offering. Why would this be any different for you? If you want sales, reach out to your customers and convince them to hire you. If you want better visibility in the search results, deliver orders that earn positive reviews. THanks jonbass ,for your suggestion …
  3. Hi All Community Firends, I am Misbah_Saiful.I am a wordpress developer and web developer.I am working 5 years in this sector.And I also created Many website.But I am new in the fiverr.I created my seven gigs and Marketing many social platform daily.After 1month later I see that I do not get nock and My all gigs show in the 25-30 page.So my question all community friens How can I get order and gig ranking in the first page. Please every senior community friends helps me.Waiting for best solution. Thanks
  4. Buyer tell me , I need an affiliate landing page on the subject of dating. I have an account on Clickbank where I get affilate links. I also have an account on ChimpMail and I would like the account to be integrated with my site. I’d like to start building my email list in a dating niche. But Buyer do not give any sample or example site and also tell he has no image and content. Now My question How can I complete this work?All friends suggestion and helps me. THanks
  5. Hi Friends, I am Misbah_saiful.I am a web Developer.One month ago I will create my fiverr account.And also create My seven gig and everyday I do marketing my All gig also 10 buyer request everyday…Bt still I do not get any order.Please friends check my gig and give me solution.How can I get my first order? Link: fiverr.com/misbah_saiful THANKS misbah_saiful.
  6. Web_coder…Fiverr do not change user name…you only change your full name… User name give only one time when your account will be open just… Thanks
  7. No problem, if you open new gig no effect of your other gig impressions and Account… i assure you friend Thanks
  8. Yes, I am over sure my tag is correct and I create my gig also I promote my all gigs…Present impressions of my gig 300+ 2days
  9. Hello All Friends; I create gig about three days ago.Bt My All gig do not show any page…I will search again and again bt not found. Please friend suggesions me what can I do seeing my gig in the search page … Best Regards Misbah_saiful
  10. keep your gig marketing different social media and boosted everyday your gig,If once your gig boosted then you will nock and order everyday it is my opinions…And this unique tips I think …SO you can apply my suggestions…
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