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  1. what you had replied to your buyer? I hope you will not get any warning from Fiverr.
  2. Hi Muneebanasser, you should reply the buyer that: " Sorry I cannot contact with you on your email address. Bcoz it is against of fiverr security policy. If you want you can communicate with me by Fiverr messenger." Other wise your account may be suspended. Thank You, Shantho
  3. Hi Every one, Have a nice day. I have skill on “MS Excel” & I have create my gigs based on excel works. But Now I am getting very less offer for excel works & more offer for other programming language(Matlab, Python, R etc). I am expecting the valuable suggestions from seniors for come out from this problem & get more offer on my skills (Excel works). Thanking You, Shantho
  4. Thank you very much for you valuable tips. I t will help a lot for all Fiverrers.
  5. Thanks for your valuable suggestion. But How could I start sending the offer?
  6. Hello Guy’s, Today one of my buyer give me 3 star review though I had delivered the order 100% accurately before 6 hours than the delivery time. And now when I want to send offer I am not be able to send any offer. There is a message showing “You must have at least 90% positive rating to make new offer” How can I get release from this situation & send the offer to the buyers. Awaiting to get the help from experts. Thanking You, Shantho
  7. Wishing you best of luck with full of success…
  8. Welcome to world largest user friendly market place “Fiverr”…
  9. Better you two work under one account & earn some money & then buy one more laptop & network…
  10. You can explain the buyer that 24 hours is not enough to complete the job. May be buyer can give you extension.
  11. Hi Marja, Welcome to world largest marketplace “Fiverr” Wishes you all the best & Success in fiverr…
  12. Welcome to world largest marketplace Fiverr…
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