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  1. When I started working on Fiverr in June 2018 without proper guidance and tutor. Because at that time couldn't found any proper professional who was working on Fiverr in my circle. I took it not too seriously for the first few months because was not getting any proper orders. But when I realized that not have any more options except Fiverr. Then struggled hard day and night with proper plans. At start first started working to survive and now have become Top Rated Seller at Fiverr. When I saw yesterday's notification on my mobile “Congratulations! You’re a Top Rated Seller!” was blasted over the screen as I unlocked it. I gasped. “What? That can’t be true…” I checked my profile. Sure enough. The badge was there. At the start, it was looking $5 job at Fiverr but BIG THINGS OFTEN HAVE SMALL OPENINGS! Really it's true: THE BEST VIEW COMES AFTER THE HARDEST CLIMB Sometimes it always seems impossible but how much you are stronger than you think. So don't lose your hope failure is not the opposite of success it's part of success. Move forward with proper plans because a goal without a plan is just a wish. Make today great because a little progress each day adds up to big results.
  2. Hello all Fiverr community, I'm facing problem many times while discussing about budget of project with clients. How can I say to client share with me your budget estimation.... Because some times I offer more than buyer expectations, then don't get proper response from clients. I just want to know how to ask buyer in efficient way to discuss about at most possible budget have for the project. Thanks you all
  3. Ok thanks, they will reply about that kind of request for improvements in gig?
  4. I have applied for Fiverr Pro but rejected for this tag. Please suggest me improvements required for Fiverr pro. I’m level 2 seller with good rating. I want to prove Fiverr a good unity game developer with strong development skills. Please suggests me some good tips to become Pro seller. Thanks
  5. Hi, I have achieved top rated seller requirements from last few months but not yet achieving top rated seller tag. I have earned more than $30k with 152 completed orders and 128 reviews. Overall rating is 4.9 Average selling price is $280 Response rate is 100% Order completion rate is 100% On time delivery right now is 90% And don’t know why not getting top rated seller tag… Please let me know any missing thing. Thanks to all my friends for your kind suggestions.
  6. Previously my gig was coming on first page but at once it ranked down to other pages. After that I updated gig but couldn’t get that rank. After long time can I can change description and other details to get gig rank at first page.??? Thanks for your kind suggestions.
  7. What is the best period to improve tags and keywords of gigs? Can I update best tags after a week in gig? Some people say it’s not good to update gigs frequently.
  8. Keep focus on client requirement and provide them best solution. Also give them revisions for their satisfaction.
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