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  1. The partial withdrawal feature, if implemented would actually encourage sellers to make purchases, especially one that can help grow their business. And for that reason, I think Fiverr should look into it.
  2. Ever since I made 25 bucks writing about the advantages of sleeping without underwear, I've taken my writing career rather seriously. I've now made over $40,000 in just over two years on Fiverr, doing what I love best. As writers, we've all had some cringeworthy moments, but a few of us have had scary movie episodes. One that stands out for me was when one client insisted that I write about the feminine side of Jesus. I mean, where in the world would I find that? The more I tried to shift their focus to portraying Jesus' compassion, love, and care to character traits attributed to femininity, the more I got shut down. They then said, "God is a woman, find supporting scripture to back it up." Ladies and gentlemen, I still have nightmares. I just might never recover. What are your ghostwriting horror stories? I'd love to hear them.
  3. I'm so happy for you Km. Keep up the good work. I've been on Fiverr since 2018 and I've completed over 500 jobs. I'm still hoping to join the elite group of Top-rated freelancers.
  4. I recently quit WhatsApp and opted for Telegram for the same reasons. I got tired of feeling controlled to check 'what I may have missed.' Social media is driving almost everyone crazy these days (in my opinion) and more people should wake up to this stark reality.
  5. Yeah. You loose your reviews and your rankings on the search page.
  6. Maybe it’s just me but the quality of buyer requests on Fiverr this year has been totally awful. Last year, I send between 6-9 buyer requests each day on the average. But these days, I can’t seem to find any reasonable buyer request. Most of these buyer requests are full of grammatical errors, unrealistic expectations and an unreasonable budget. Any ideas?
  7. Is it just me or has there been a drop in Fiverr orders? I’m about to enter panic mode 😨
  8. This is cool. I’ve gone 1-star on a buyer twice. The first was completely deserved. The buyer asked rudely that I review an order which was automatically closed. That wasn’t a problem and since he had mentioned that he made changes to my final delivery, I politely asked him to send in his copy. He then sent it in as a PDF file so very politely I mentioned that he had sent me the wrong file as I expected it in editable Word Format which was what I submitted. The next thing I saw was very disturbing, he said so many unpleasant things and before I knew it he left a review in anger. The second 1-star review was also disappointing but could have been avoided if I had agreed to cancel. The buyer was quite satisfied with the job and asked me to make some quick reviews because I used “certain words” he wouldn’t normally use. I asked for instances but he couldn’t provide any. On my second delivery, he sent in a dispute citing that the entire project was a waste. I was pissed, to say the least. In my opinion, buyer experience is relative. In any case, I’d suggest you leave honest reviews about your overall experience rather than giving every buyer a 5-star rating for hiring your services.
  9. I am really sorry about this and as a seller myself, I understand how frustrating this can be. You should contact customer support and provide evidence that everything was fine on your end.
  10. Actually, we are not supposed to know how the Fiverr algorithm works. This is why Fiverr doesn’t tell sellers all of the details of the system. The algorithm is proprietary information – it is not public knowledge, and this is my intention. As for your comment that the algorithm needs to be fixed… I honestly don’t think it’s broken. It is likely operating exactly as it is supposed to. Just because the system doesn’t work the way some sellers may want it to, does not mean that is is broken. I experienced the same problem and I contacted customer support but their reply was there’s nothing they can do about it. Here’s why I think the algorithm is flawed. Over the last three months, I have gotten up to 66K impressions and completed orders worth over $10,000 on the writing category. I’ve been on the first page in this category and during this period I’ve maintained a 4.9 overall rating, 100% response rate, order completion was at 93% and on-time delivery is at 100%. Now all of a sudden I am being relegated to the shadows. My impressions dropped from 66K to 14K within seven days. Now I understand that Fiverr’s model rewards doers so how can a seller without a review suddenly rank above me in a category I was previously regarded as one of the top sellers? I believe they made some changes to their algorithm and may be working to fix it (although they’ve mentioned nothing of it). In any case, repeat buyers have been the saving grace.
  11. Good. Please keep us updated. Sorry about the experience :hugs:
  12. 😕 all the more reason it seems confusing. Could it be a conversion bug? I really can’t say here… Send an email to CS and ask that it’s escalated to the technical team.
  13. Oh in that case it’s pretty simple. I experienced a payment bug about two months ago and CS explained it to me. What happened was a client requested a chargeback and because I had already been paid, the money was deducted from my recent balance. Maybe this is what happened to you as well. Reach out to CS.
  14. No, a screen shot of the offer accepted by the client. It displays the amount quoted to the client.
  15. Hi, I believe this is something only customer service can help you with. Just out of curiosity, can you share a snapshot of the order on your chat where it shows order accepted. (Remember to blur out personal information)
  16. As we mark our independence, there’s sadly not much to celebrate. The light at the end of the tunnel seems more distant and the echoes of our glorious days fade slowly into the night. To the doers, we’ve taken our fate into our own hands and though we still believe in a better nation, we don’t wait around any more. Happy Independence day Nigeria - “In doers we trust”.
  17. I’ve gotten this a number of times. I don’t even bother responding. I block, report as SPAM and send the conversation straight to the trash can.
  18. I think that’s Power Nap. Am I right? @ahmwritingco
  19. I just want to say a big thank you to the Trust & Safety team on Fiverr. Never in a million years did I actually think a case like this would go in my favor. Here’s the deal. A guy contacted me to write a book. He provided a detailed outline via a voice note and when I listened to it, I hinted that it would require a lot more words than he was willing to pay for. His outline included things like energy healing, entrepreneurship, motivation, mind-control, mind exercises, healthy living, laws of attraction, etc. all in a 10,000-word book. I offered my professional opinion and advised that he divided the book into two volumes as this would just not fit nicely in one book. He agreed but wouldn’t budge on his budget so he asked me to summarize as much as I can in the first volume. This was the hardest project I’ve ever worked on but I put in my very best. I ended up writing 1,000 words extra just to satisfy his outline at no extra cost. When the order was automatically completed, he stated that a few things weren’t added to the final manuscript. I reminded him about our agreement and that was the last I heard from him. He then went ahead and requested a chargeback and Fiverr canceled the order and he was refunded. Today I got a mail from Fiverr saying I won the case and I would be paid within 7 days. I was not even aware of this but Fiverr’s Trust and Safety team investigated the order and concluded that I deserve to be paid. Did I mention, Fiverr has permanently disabled this buyer’s account for good. I just want to say a big thank you to the Fiverr support team. I pledge today to spread the word - Fiverr rocks!
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