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  1. From someday I have been noticing that my response rate is decreasing by 1%/day automatically and I have replied all the messages to my buyer within time and my response rate is also 1Hr. Is it a bug?What should I do now?
  2. I don’t think review is the main issue.There are so many other terms to rank on the 1st page. One of my gig was in the first page but after coming from vacation it dropped to 2nd page and I have an order immediately after coming from vacation with 5 stars but gig was not showing in the 1st page again.
  3. So amazing and inspiring. How do you work to make perfect your gigs and what factor do you notice while ranking your gigs? Wish you all the best 😍
  4. very well said… thanks for the clear explanation!!
  5. Many thanks for the information…Its time to dig down and research more 😉
  6. Many thanks…Actually I am looking for it and finally got the solution from this post
  7. Thanks for the share and you are the true inspiration 😍
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