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  1. Fiverr is a professional merket place. Here we should do everything with professionalism and respect fiverr terms and conditions. So Don’t think this way. Develop your skill, provide quality service and be patient. You will get your desire order.
  2. The first thing you said, work hard, is correct. The other three not so much. Do not wait, hope, and pray. This is not going to help. If you do not get a sale promptly on a new gig, change it. Make the thumbnail stand out more. Make the description longer and more thorough and complete. Improve your gig, and what you are offering until you get sales. Waiting hoping and praying are not the right formula for success. You could be doing that a very long time, with no sales. Ever hear the fiverr slogan: In doers we trust. That means do something. And don’t stop until you succeed. I agree with you. You figur out some effective points. Thanks for your helpful information.
  3. Hi, folks I am a WordPress developer. I want to promote my gig services on social media. 1.Which social media site would be best for a wordPress developer? 2. How can I do effective promotion on those site and 3. What should i included while i do promotion? please give me your valuable advise. Thanks
  4. You may you use resolution center. Here you get an option "buyer is not responding "
  5. I could not login fiverr forum by fiverr apps from mobile device for last few weeks. I am using latest version of this app. Thanks.
  6. I can not log in Fiverr forum by mobile apps. when I tried to log in from mobile apps it’s loading and doesn’t appear froum page. I already install fiverr apps newly and update my apps too but it shows same result. Do you guys have any solution for this issue? Thanks in Advance.
  7. Thank you.this information make me clear from some confusions.I gathered lot of thing about it.
  8. What is the minmum withdraw amount form fiverr?
  9. Sometimes working purposes we need clients social link to integrate on the website. Is it against fiver TOS to ask the client for social platforms links? If yes, then how can we should complete the job?
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