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  1. I like how no one has addressed any of my issues they jus basically said if you don’t like it then kick rocks. Thanks for your feed back 😒
  2. Ok so here’s my beef with Fiverr. The only people that ever contact me on this platform are ******** Computer hackers that want to buy my ****** [Fiverr competitor] account. Repeatedly. Everytime I get an e-mail on here the sender is usually no longer available by the time I see it because their account has already been removed, presumably for doing some other shady stuff. This has happened over 5 times in the course of a month or so. This is very annoying and its aggravated by the lack of communication with any legitimate clients. I get that I have to make the platform work for me, it’s not fiverrs fault that I haven’t got any clients, but the scams are just obnoxious. So, a quandry to my fello fiverrs, is this platform worth it? ****** [Fiverr competitor] seems like a better system to me but they charge a 20% platform fee, then I need to withhold my own taxes out of that, so buy the time its gets to me my hundred dollars has become $64 after I hold Uncle Sam’s cut. Freelance writing is a lot of work and I am already maintaining a website, a linkedin profile, twitter, facebook, ****** [Fiverr competitor], and I run a store on Ebay so I got my effin hands full ya know? I don’t think this platform is worth the time or aggrivation. Feel free to convince me otherwise. CD Bayshore’s Best VxBxCx Mod Note: Country/region reference & Fiverr competitor name removed.
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