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  1. Me too I am facing the same problem. My promoted gigs did not work the entire November, but I still received an invoice charging me for the service. Th entire site has a problem, for example, I have an order that is marked complete, but it still sitting on the queue as delivered. I saw a popup ribbon a few days back from Fiverr acknowledging the site has a problem. They said the problem was with a third party provider.
  2. Yes, I have just contacted support. Waiting for their response.
  3. I was supped to receive $220 how can they deduct it to $32 for promoted gigs.
  4. Hello, forum members. I have worked on Fiverr for two years now. However, for the first time Fiverr has withheld my pay. I was supposed to have $220 dollars by today, but I only see $32. The funds are showing as cleared, but not reflected in the available for withdrawal tab. I have not paid my rent. Has anyone has ever experienced this. I also examined my initial withdrawals and orders and noted that Fiverr has actually been stealing my money. I am so disappointed I thought they were straight. I have been scammed on other sites before. I am sacred, will I get the money I have worked hard for? I have noiticed errors in funds processing. Please advised.
  5. I was also included in the paid gig promotion program and I have gotten one order through the system. I like the paid promotion feature it can help you get some orders if you’re experiencing a decline in sales 😉 Screenshot_2020-09-08 Fiverr kev250 Promoted Gigs1349×832 50.7 KB
  6. You have to maintain the stats to keep your level, but if you meet all the requirements you move to the next level.
  7. TOS violation is one of the metrics you have maintain to keep your level. check your analytic page on the 30 days without TOS violation bar. If it’s red you may be demoted mid month.
  8. Are you a leveled seller? If not, you’ll see more buyer request as you move up. If you create more gigs, you’ll see more requests. Nevertheless, I think the system has a problem. My impression and clicks are stagnant and I can’t edit my tags. Many sellers have complained about declining or stagnant impression. Do you still have the orange ribbon stating you’ll receive your complete analytic soon? This may be the problem. I think some gigs have been removed from the search since the introduction of paid adverts in favor of seller chosen for the program.
  9. Hello Nouman392, you can increase your chances of getting orders by improving your gigs. check your gig images and makes sure your gig slots are complete, for example, the gallery sections. Share your gigs on social media and respond to buyer request with personalized messages. I hope this helps.
  10. go to the gallery section of your gig and continue with the process.
  11. After reading many of @antomtjvc’s posts on this forum, I think he is being facetious. 😉 Thanks for sharing your experience with the buyer request section. I use the section whenever I have no new orders or returning buyers. I always take my time to craft a request that addresses the buyer’s needs, but most never respond. I guess they give up after receiving poorly done ones. However, after going through all of your screen shots, I am encouraged to send more requests. I think the trick is to squeeze in a well crafted request, before the potential buyer is flooded with ones from sellers who shoot at random.
  12. Share a link to your gigs so that people can have a look and make suggestions.
  13. The samples you have on your card design gig are blurry. Add samples that clearly show example of your own works not those copy pasted from the internet. Do that with all your gigs.
  14. Get to level 1 you’ll see hundreds of buyer request depending on your category.
  15. Hello, can you change your profile picture ASAP. Upload a friendly picture; you smiling. You look terrified in your current pic, it may make a potential buyer feel the same.
  16. post the links to your gigs if you would like to have them reviewed.
  17. For how long have you been level 1? If your still new it may take some time before you start seeing some orders. Take the time to edit your gigs, descriptions and tags. Send as many request in the BR section. You’ll start seeing orders coming in slowly. I noticed the same decline when I hit level 1. I have been in level 1 for more than a month now. Things have improved a little.
  18. Thanks for your recommendations. I’ll pose the rest of the gigs and focus on three.
  19. Hello everyone, I have been on Fiverr since Sept 2018. I have completed 39 orders and attain the level 1 badge, but lately things have come to understand still despite investing some time in improving and promoting my gigs. I am requesting any experienced forum member to take a look at my gigs https://www.fiverr.com/kev250?up_rollout=true and suggest recommendations for improvements.
  20. Hello Everyone, I am a level one seller on fiverr. I have been on the site for approximately 6 months. I have completed 37 orders, but still have difficulty making sells. Can you kindly checkout my gigs and offer suggestions for improvements. Thanks. link to my gigs https://www.fiverr.com/kev250?public_mode=true
  21. Your rating must be 4.7 star and above to respond to buyer requests.
  22. it’s just a bug. I had the same issues. Just give it time, the system will update on its own.
  23. Hello everyone, I joined Fiverr 4 months ago and I have completed 23 orders. However, I still have a problem with the constant flow of orders. Can forum members check out my gigs and make recommendations for improvements. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks. https://www.fiverr.com/kev250/write-you-articles-and-blog-posts-in-24-hours
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