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  1. Same here. I’m sure its a bug. I checked my gig and it appears on the last page when I filter by the country.
  2. same here. The gig is shown on the last page. I contacted the CS and I’m waiting to see their answer.
  3. can you look at apply your order values to this algebra. then if you reach 400$ you will definitely get the badge. total_Earnings = (order_1_value+order_2_value+order_3_value+…)*80/100 if total_Earnings > 400 then don’t worry. (80% means profit 🙂 )
  4. Now the issue solved but still have average response time issue.
  5. It will take a few days as still, you are a new seller. Can you mention how many orders have you completed? and what are the prices?
  6. Yes…In this case it can affect on your sale…I will recommend you to contact fiverr CS … I already contact them. but I’m afraid. Lets see. anyway thank you so much for the details you shared. Fiverr support didn’t told me about this maintenance .
  7. Don’t you think that will affect for new orders because if I am a buyer I would like to offer my task to a great Seller who always communicate everything with me. Am I wrong?
  8. But the thing is this rates cause to our gig ranking right?
  9. In my dashboard, it says my average response rate is 100% and the average response time is 1 hour. But since the last few days only under my gig, it displays my average response time as 2 hours for the buyers. I reported this issue to the Fiverr and they told me they will check and let me know. But today my gig displays my average response time as 6 hours. I don’t know what’s happening to Fiverr system. I noted lots of issues since the last few days. Can you guys please tell me what you see under my gig. 1 hour, 2 hours, 6 hours or anything else??? Click Here for my Gig
  10. are you sure that you have actually reached 400$? (you can check that in earning section) if then you must contact the customer support and tell them about the issue you faced.
  11. I also faced the same issue and then I reported this to fiverr. But they told me that is not an issue. But now I’m sure its an issue with fiverr. Another thing I wanted to mention. with this issue, I noticed that my average response rate also wrong in my gig. My gig says I reply within 2 hours but in my dashboard, it says within 1 hour. Now Fiverr team is reviewing this bug and they will inform me the issue soon. Thanks
  12. I have asked this question from the CS several times and the answer was if we need, yes we can. But the request must post in the order page with the reason. and also every payment should go through Fiverr even the client ask to pay directly during the session. Hope this answer will make sense. 🙃
  13. I agree with @misscrystal. you should stop before fiverr ban you.
  14. you can contact the CS and prove that you have completed the task. (you should supply the delivery to CS also, to prove that the task is fully completed) if they confirm this is not your fault, they will definitely help you. I also have got half payment for an order that the buyer cancelled. (CS paid back to me because I was able to prove that the buyer is using my development) Hope they will help you also.
  15. yeah it’s a great Idea. but @samanthawill394 you must deliver something related to the project with the delivery of the new order as @misscrystal said. If not that will definitely cause to have warnings.
  16. hey buddy, I can understand you. I also faced the same situation. In that days I only sleep 3 hours per day. but I’m saying Fiverr is a private company. They also have their own rules. May be they are wrong. but We can’t argue with them. Don’t waste your time by arguing with them.
  17. @ferllrocks When I start fiverr I also argue with CS about order cancelling because some buyers place wrong orders and ask us to cancel the order. My order completion rate reduced and I lost my level 1 badge 2 times. finally I stopped complaining and worked hard to complete other orders. (90% of buyers are genuine. so, why we worry about that 10%. we must be positive) Finally Now I got my badges back. If I keep arguing with the CS, Still I will be there. So, I suggest you to be positive and move on. 😎
  18. I also have this issue. and also sometimes fiverr send me notifications like “12 hours left to deliver” even to order is incomplete. is it normal?
  19. That’s in theory, but it doesn’t work for everyone. We saw a lot of cases with people declining to prove revisions after order was completed, buyer complained to CS and CS cancelled the order because they didn’t provide their gig as per description and description says “unlimited revisions”. So my advice will be just to set a certain amount of revisions to avoid any trouble. I think this will be better that increasing cancellations. Thanks for the advice
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