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  1. Then you need to explain that in your gig because it’s very unclear to anybody reading it, including Fiverr CS it would seem as they’ve chosen to remove your gig previously. Then it’s the teacher’s job to write it - it’s not something which can be outsourced. It has to be written based on their experience of the student. Their signature’s going at the end of it - it’s their reputation on the line. What am I basing this on? Nearly 30 years of being a secondary school teacher. 😉 Added: No,cover letters are fine. 🙂
  2. The whole point of a letter of recommendation/reference is that it comes from somebody who genuinely knows the candidate. Not made up by the candidate themselves and rewritten by you. If you can’t see that then there’s a problem - sorry.
  3. How can you write genuine reference letters for people you’ve never met? You’ve got a gig titled: I Will Write High Quality Recommendation Letters You say you can write a character reference - how? If anybody were to buy your services and use your letter to get a job etc. they would also be committing fraud. How could you have that on your conscience?
  4. The help centre needs updating. Follow the advice on there and get a warning - not fair. 😦
  5. It’s already been established that this type of competition has no place on Fiverr, so the value of any prize is irrelevant.
  6. You might need to work on your gig description. 2 sentences doesn’t explain what you can do for a buyer. You need to be much more specific with what you offer. I’ve read it several times and still have no idea - it’s all based on you, not how it’ll benefit your buyer. 🙂
  7. Would it cause more problems for you if you didn’t edit it? It might disappear from the search for a few days, but that’s about it.
  8. It’s impossible to state this as fact. As has been explained, it could have been the mobile app showing the user online even when they weren’t. A seller wasn’t able to do your gig, gave you a reasonable explanation because there is life outside Fiverr, and you got a refund. Job done. Sellers can choose with whom they will and won’t work - it seems your sellers did exactly that, even though their completed percentages will take a hit, which could reduce their selling levels.
  9. No. The only other users you’d be able to contact would be those who are sellers on the site. Ding this would risk your being reported for spam. Please don’t do it.
  10. You did the right thing by refusing and explaining the ToS. Don’t think you need to do anything else. 🙂
  11. No - the money gets ‘credited’ to your account when they place the order, and gets taken away again if you cancel. Because the order doesn’t complete, you never actually get the money in the first place.
  12. I think it’s up to Fiverr users to grow up by themselves. Fiverr isn’t a nursery.
  13. That wasn’t what the OP asked. You might be entirely correct, but the OP’s question was how to charge more than $995 per gig. 🙂
  14. The OP wants to charge more than $995 for ONE order. 😉
  15. I don’t think you can unless you: Make a a custom offer which can be up to $5000Apply for and successfully become part of the Pro sellers program.
  16. I didn’t say this was Gospel - I asked if it was a possibility. It may only happen when you edit a gig, not when it’s first published, or of course I could be talking complete nonsense, which is more than likely. I’m not a he BTW. 🙂
  17. Yes. I’ve closed the ticket - it was pointless. Trying to get a straight answer to a straight question was nigh on impossible. If it’s this difficult to get gig images etc. sorted, how difficult will ID verification be?
  18. Yes - that’s my thinking. I just thought I’d ask if anyone else had had the same issue first in case it was just me before I reported it, not that there’d be much point in reporting it anyway. 😉
  19. It was only when I came to re-use my images which had previously been used without any problem that I got any form of warning, so yep 🙂 Only the one, which is one too many of course. 🙂
  20. Yes, I did. I offered receipts for all the logos and videos I use. 🙂 I’m trying to offer an explanation as to why the software might be throwing up false positives - not just for me, but for other users in a similar predicament. I’ve done nothing wrong, and never would.
  21. I doubt it - I’m using original images from videos I’ve created.
  22. It’s software that’s doing the checking, and it’s not taking into account the fact that yes, similar images may have been used before, but by the same user. The denials etc. are automatically issued.
  23. They’ve decided they’re alright for a second time, but I’ve still got a ToS warning against me for not doing anything wrong. And that really encourages sellers? 😉
  24. I don’t understand why after they allowed the images you changed them again. Because I’d had the gig denied because of them - I thought there was some sort of problem - well obviously there was otherwise i wouldn’t have had the gig denied. Why not? It’s my gig and they’re my images - if I want to change them to show different frames from my video why shouldn’t I?
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