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  1. Nope I’m not agreed by your point of view “Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.” ― Albert Einstein
  2. The order is already marked as completed by the buyer. This is not a cause I’m working sins 2018 and this is the first time I faced that problem
  3. You will get warning for not delivering files (empty delivery) You mention not to accept order what will happened if the order autocomplete by fiverr with empty delivery? guess what the order will be cancel by Cs (Order Cancel) More better to delivery original work before Cs take any action.
  4. image1818×516 29.8 KB image2930×661 48.3 KB Buyer marked the order as completed and buyer TIP with 5star ratting but the timer was running and now it shows LATE does that will affect my Response Rate or its a bug?
  5. After updated gig description my gig is removed from search and the status say pending
  6. No you are not allowed. Yes you can withdraw your fund through payoneer make sure that the Payoneer account and your local account belongs to you. There is no fee charge from Payoneer to your local bank account. Payoneer will convert your funds in local currency. I hope that will help you cheers!
  7. Good work sending in those tickets and bringing this to their attention guys. Welcome, Hope Cs will fix that issue. I have a default buyer sending message and I’m not able to see and send him message.
  8. Same Issue here when I send message and design to buyer’s its not showing
  9. You can cancel incomplete order after 7 days it will not effect your ratting.
  10. You can block buyer through fiverr app even if they didn’t place any order.
  11. Using words like “Id, Username, password” will give you warning. Only Cs can give you answer of your question.
  12. As your buyer conform that he didn’t provided you full information take screen shot and send it to Cs tell them that you delivery everything according to buyer current instruction and there is no fault from your side.
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