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  1. If you really need that much guidance, you should hire someone and pay them for their time. Nobody here owes you one-on-one guidance or their time, and it’s not ok to keep expecting other users, who took their time to learn how Fiverr works without receiving guidance in baby steps, to hold your hand and guide you through each and every situation that happens to you. ok sir thank you for suggestions
  2. mam . I gave hime 1 review as mentioned in my gig. Now he is expecting much more than his price. Order completed but still payment pending on clearance. He is saying that he will complian if I refused to fix his requirements. Kindly guide me . I have not anyexperience of fiverr. This was my first order
  3. Check this out: https://forum.fiverr.com/c/Fiverr-Tips/tips-for-sellers for how to get orders. Take time to read, learn, and take action! That’s it! 🙂 I am worried the person ordeered now saying I have to go in depth . He requires I have to give him research paper type articles or reffund. kindly guide me what to do?
  4. But he selected my gig of 10$ where it is mentioned 1 article will be provided . But he make orderof 10 articles
  5. guide me in a way that I got more orders. I just want 20-30 ordeers per month
  6. I send through deliver order button . But here mention “THIS ORDER WILL BE MARKED AS COMPLETED IN 3 DAYS”? what does it mean? My delivery is not completed yet?
  7. Grammarly is an app that checks for grammar errors. The basic version is free. Lots of sellers on Fiverr use it. Thank you for congra8ng . Now how to get an order? . I took this order after 5 days talk and he ggave me just 10$ for 10 articles
  8. Grammarly is an app that checks for grammar errors. The basic version is free. Lots of sellers on Fiverr use it. Now what is surity that amount of order will be added in my account?
  9. Did a buyer actually place an order that you delivered with the delivery button? If so, you get paid in 14 days. If you just sent articles through the inbox, that is not completing an order. If the buyer got a real delivery, the buyer has a choice to leave 1-5 stars or to leave no review. It is the buyer’s choice. And Can I request buyer for review? and If he or she did not give review?
  10. How to get orders I sent 42 requests but still no one came for an order
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