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  1. Stay connect & try to send buyer request daily quota.
  2. Amazing! I'm waiting for this.............🥰
  3. Congratulations and best wishes for future order🥰
  4. Stay connected and send buyer request post everyday 10.
  5. So sad news! keep your skill sharp and stay connected. And try to bid from the buyer request. You will succeed. Best of luck!
  6. same problem. Just get notification on the top! I hope it will be solve as soon as.
  7. Don’t worry! You will be able again after few month.
  8. Welcome here. I am also graphic designer 😂
  9. Welcome to our family. I hope you will be succeed. Best of luck!
  10. I don’t like to work again same client who rate me 4 star because it hurt both my feeling, effort and time!
  11. No. It is not possible. I suggest you that you can use bank transfer or paypal to withdraw your currency .
  12. Maybe fiverr give you 1st warning and if you again do this mistake than your account will be banned!
  13. Same problem with us. Maybe fiverr develop their website and work on it. I hope very soon it will be okay.
  14. Top sellers get their fund within 7 days and the rest of the sellers get their fund within 15 days. If your fund does not clearance within days you can contact customer support.
  15. Obviously Something problem. That’s why no shown impression, views, click. Fiverr working on it. I hope very soon fiverr solve this problem and you will be able to create new gig. Ya!
  16. We are facing critical situation about gig impression, views, click. However, Welcome & best of luck dear!
  17. I am a Level 1 seller. My gig impression, click, view are going down 0 since last two days. Maybe it is fiverr website problem. Hopefully this problem solve very soon.
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