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  1. Thanks, good suggestion for new seller.
  2. What are the basic needs to improve gig so that views, click and impression increases. Check my gig - https://www.fiverr.com/roy1957
  3. HI, everyone on this forum. After my VRS just started activity at this platform. Can some one check my gig - https://www.fiverr.com/roy1957 and suggest me for improvement. You all are welcome for good suggestion. Thanks
  4. Welcome to this forum. Do well at this platform
  5. Thanks a lot. we will be in touch and learn
  6. Thanks a lot for your good wishes
  7. Hi everyone on this forum. I am new for fiverr but having experience in other field. As I am new for fiver require information and suggestion from you all. Thanks
  8. Hi, All friends on this forum. Myself Bdr1967 is new on this forum. as well as on fiverr. I need good suggestion from you all. Thanks
  9. Hi Can anybody help me? for reason I have 05 active gigs When I open one of my gig. My 04 gigs should show in my other gigs by Roy1957 but when I open gig (background removal) then other 03 ggs ( excel, data entry and typing) showing in other gig by roy1957 but when i open ( excel, data entry and typing) gig then background removal gig is not showing in other gig by roy1957
  10. Hi Not getting buyers request. What to do
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