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  1. All you can do now is wait and contact support (if you didn’t already)… good idea thanks brother
  2. I suggest that you pose this question to Fiverr’s customer support team. You can post a ticket at: https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new Hmmmm Good @hansnuber
  3. Change the Gmail I’d then try again.
  4. Go fiver search bar and collect professional tags and tittles I hope it’s batter for you.
  5. Waoow great best of luck in your career.
  6. The best gigs are usually gigs from which many people are placing orders, because they trust the seller, the seller has proven that he/she can do fantastic work, and the seller works very hard to connect to his/her customers. Have you proven that you are a trustworthy seller with many positive reviews? Have you proven that you can do what you do very well, and earn positive reviews from happy buyers? Are you connecting to your target customers, and showing them why they should hire you? Hmm Good thanks @jonbaas
  7. I have no any hard problem in future dear brother .
  8. Oh Good i hope and I wish you will best in your fiver career…
  9. @zeus777 thanks for guide me but what mean of demoted ? Please tell me?
  10. @web_expert_pro I’m a new seller My payment clearance will be 14 days later.
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