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  1. **need a advice from level two and top rated sellers. last month my few gig select for the promoted gig features. and am doing promotion it’s working good for me. but last week that gigs showing unpromatable . am getting delay for deliver a one order. so my rates are going down last 6 days to 86%. i think that is the reason for lost my gig promotion gig feature. now am getting some orders & my all rates are now 100%. in June 15th evaluations are come… I wants to know after that i can get my promoted gig feature back?? am already in level two.
  2. contact fiverr CS with your screenshots.
  3. reset the chrome or your web browser @chaithanyajai @srahimeen
  4. last three day my response rate down 100 to 86. but am quickly reply buyer and complete the all orders before the deadline. my order completion rate 100% on time delivery rate 100% positive rating 5.0. any one can tel me how i can fix this problem.
  5. how we can write short and perfect buyer request for get more project?
  6. i have facing two time that situation. i aspect the cancelation. * add some water mark for untill you buyer get confirmed the design. Then share the source and design(without your water mark)
  7. but… 99.9% fiverr buyers are real genuine buyers. am also working two years here as a seller
  8. dear all, what is the perfect time for buyer request check???
  9. be patience. it may take another few hours. am also in same situation.
  10. in my opinion it may be useful. but some byers don’t like to play gig video’s.
  11. network mot the issue. check your internet coverage
  12. maybe he find someone to do that. but be patience .
  13. yes. but during that 24 hours others are sending their Proposal, offers for that person, wasting times !!!
  14. some fiverr sellers doing a fake buyer request to increase their response rate. when the seller response rate down to 02 or more hour. they write fake buyer request and post.
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