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  1. Dude! You really solve my problem! I am quite annoying about the reCaptcha problems. Thanks, you save my time!
  2. I think people should keep a bit distance from todays social media. I mean, if you want to get a potential buyer or client from your SNS friends, I don’t think everyone connect with you wants the commercial adds on their page to show up and it’s like another full-time job that you keep posting soft - advertisements.
  3. Yeah, I agree. I have zero orders last month. I hope it will be better this month.
  4. The buyer has contacted me three months ago, and he wasn’t satisfied with my work, I was very busy and told him maybe he should find someone else, and then today he suddenly bought me an order, and then said he got the wrong designer and want to cancel the order. That really affects my rating. How can that happen and How can that be my fault that my rating is going down?! 😑
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