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  1. Does it mean that eventhough I deleted the gig, the buyer’s review will be shown in my profile? By the way I appreciate your support.Thank you.
  2. Hi there, I’m shehan from Sri Lanka. I have a gig that has one review from a buyer whom I have worked with back in 2018. I don’t really like the thumbnail that I have put there. Now I want to change it? What can I do? Please help me if you have some free time. here is the thumbnail. Captfure898×703 185 KB
  3. Okay, I’ve made the changes and set the account to unavailable. I removed the B.A. in graphic designing from the profile and the gig description but kept the two certificates from Coursera and Udemy. Also changed the profile picture. If there are anything I missed please let me know. Thanks for supporting.
  4. Hi @benedictrm, I can still receive email updates.🙂 I can understand what you are telling. If it’s a problem for you absolutely I’ll change them now. I pretty shure as adults you may have experienced that stress on mind when your life changing exam comes and you haven’t ready for it.That’s why I’m in this much hurry to leave this until my exam ends.
  5. Hi everyone, I’m leaving the platform due to my exams for 50 days. So any new comments won’t get any responses. I’ll be back in 50days and make those changes. So don’t report me 🙂 Again and again thanks to everyone for helping me. Bye
  6. Thanks to everyone, Hi, @visualstudios @lloydsolutions @catwriter I can understand what everyone’s saying. I’m proceeding with the changes As I mentioned earlier I was afraid that age will impact my gigs. That’s why I was doing those. Now, I’m in the process of making changes and being honest as you said.
  7. First, age is not a problem. There’s a reason why Fiverr is allowing young people to join and sell their services. Please, remember that it is your services, your talents and your skills that you are offering, not yourself. You should never fool buyers trying to look older just to sell. How can you gain their trust if you’re using someone else’s photo in your display picture? Yeah I get it, I’m working on it. It’s bit hard to shot a proffessional image from this face?. Thanks for your help.
  8. Thanks @uk1000 @lenasemenkova @wordsfire @blavaro @toplegalservice . I decided to go with a video which only have the audio narration. As well as I’m gonna change the profile picture now. Again thanks everyone for the support.
  9. If you are a new viewer of this topic, I’m still open to get your comments and ideas. So please mention them.
  10. 🙂 Thanks you @benedictrm for sspending your precious time helping me.
  11. I do not understand. Your profile image shows a man that is not 16 years old. I guess either the profile image is not yours or you are not 16. And that is the problem here. Yeah, That’s not me. I’m afraid that clients will judge me by my age and they won’t care eventhough I’ve developped my skills and ranked my gigs to the first page by optimizing my gig.
  12. HI, fiverers, I’m Shen. I know there are a lot of topics similar to the topic, but this isn’t what it seems. From what I’ve seen and realized, I think one of the best ways to get more clients, is to be a human on the Fiverr. I mean uploading a video that explains what I offer, And why I’m unique. So the buyers get more motivated to place an order as they know there is another human there on the other side of the gig. So here comes the problem. As I’m 16 years old young one and seems much younger in the videos and pictures, I’m afraid that I won’t get viewers converted into buyers as there is a chance that they won’t trust in me and won’t take me seriously. What should I do in this matter? Is it okay to create a gig video as I mentioned above? faithfully, Shehan.
  13. Seems like it worked 🧡
  14. So can you remember any related word that fits here? If so please mention it. That would be a great help. mm, Thanks for the advice I will remove it. Thanks for this very much. Really appreciate that you have spent a lot of time on identifying and clarifying the mistakes I’ve made. I’ll fix them out.
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