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  1. Hello friend, I am not getting show buyer request please tell me how to fix it
  2. Thank you for checking my gig problem… Have a great day…
  3. Hiii everyone, i have created 3 gigs already diffrent diffrent service but i did not get my first order can you help me please checkouts my gig’s description and title etc https://www.fiverr.com/mrfazil/do-invisible-pic-edit-remove-unwanted-object-retouch-in12hrs
  4. In all seriousness, this means you need to work on A) your offering in general B) how you present yourself to your prospects Hey frank please can you tell me How to present myself in front of the client that they give me work. Thanks.
  5. Hiii, I sent many request to buyers about their requirement and i explain them about my service but they ignored me. Please help me.how to fix it.
  6. I a fiverr seller account and i create 3 gig on my account 8 days ago but i didn’t not get orders anyone can help me please
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