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  1. Hi friends, I have one query - I have some completed work with good feedback. I want to highlight few of them in my Gig page (next to front page)… is that possible? I mean, when someone views - the work image will show with popping up Buyers feedback. Thanks, I can explain more… if I have not made it clear.
  2. Sure, thanks for your suggestion. I will move on…
  3. Ah ! Account Warning !! He is my regular buyer and completed 4th order and I trust him. Is there any option?
  4. Hello friends, I have quick question, unable to reply Buyer. I have completed order and delivered. Buyers has given feedback with rating 4, its by mistake. Now he want to change it. Just happened few minutes back, is this possible to change it ? Thanks for your advice.
  5. Hi All, I have one question regarding Earnings - Is Net Income inclusive of Pending Clearance?
  6. Welcome to Fiverr Forum both of you ! This is excellent community path, many tips are available for new sellers. Just click search and type your needs. Topics will be at your finger tip. 1st ever order is always dream. So my advice, not to loose hope. Study here and gain knowledge meanwhile. I took 3 months to get my first order. All the best !
  7. I looked at your buyer’s review and there is nothing that implies they did not like your service. :thinking: They said they “could not be happier.”😊 In the US that means they were so happy that nothing could be better than the happiness they felt. Thus “could not be happier” is a top compliment! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Oops! Thank you so much ! I didn’t understand, but wondering how Buyer is ready to change the comments. Thanks again, I m so happy
  8. Hi, By oversight one of my Buyer given a feedback with a typo error. Instead of writing “happier”, written as “not be happier” - and admitted this is by an error, he is ready to change the comments. I am unsure, how to help in this regards. Any suggestion? Thanks, DATAREWARD
  9. You are welcome to the community ! Thanks for your suggestion, but here we are discussing about validity of the custom offer.
  10. I have gone trough, many thanks. However while offer comes from BR after 2 to 3 months, we will be absolute without clue and forget about that offer However I have requested Fiverr Customer Care to look into this and they have forwarded the concern to respective team. Lets hope for the best.
  11. Okay great ! So hope this is applicable for Buyer Request as well. I mean when we offer from ‘Buyer Request’ section.
  12. Hello friends, I have one question? While sending custom offer, there is something called ‘Expiration Time’. What does that mean. Eager to know, can someone help?
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