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  1. Welcome to Fiverr…All the best in your business!!!
  2. That is AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing. It is truly encouraging.
  3. Welcome aboard. You will get a lot of help from the gurus in this forum. All the best!
  4. I agree…as long as you delivered the order on time, your order completion rate will not drop. I would contact customer service to see what happened.
  5. Welcome to Fiverr…I agree with the group, definitely promote via social media, but I also found (as someone else mentioned), that the Buyers Request section is also helpful. I got my first 3 Fiverr jobs by responding to Buyers Requests. All the best to you!
  6. As someone who has posted a buyers request (as a buyer) as well as responded to buyers request (as a seller), it’s best to avoid template responses. As a buyer, I would read the requests and I looked for those who specifically said they can do what I requested and then they provided the experience that they offer. For example, I was looking for someone to provide a list of comprehensive listing of advertising agencies in New York, Virginia and DC. The responses that were strongest said “I can provide a comprehensive listing of advertising agencies in New York, Virginia and DC. I have 5 years of experience providing research…etc…” Those were the ones I short-listed and they went to the top of my list because they showed me that they understood my request and they were qualified to handle it. Take the time to make your buyers requests personal…it will pay off.
  7. Stay consistent in your efforts. Consistency creates momentum. Continue to submit bids for Buyer’s Requests, promote on social media, stay on the forum, because there are good tips and a lot of success stories that keep you encouraged. Just don’t give up!
  8. Hi All, Just thought I would share my experience as a Buyer making a Buyer’s Request and a Seller, responding to Buyer’s Requests. I thought I would delegate some of my workload and I put in a Buyer’s Request to have someone do the work. I received a lot of requests with people simply saying “I can do the job,” or “I am able to meet your request.” The one’s that appealed to me had details and repeated back to me exactly what I wanted. My request was for a list of video production companies in Virginia and Washington, D.C. So one seller indicated that he would provide “A listing of all production companies in VA and D.C.” and then proceeded to tell me how he would present it (in an Excel spreadsheet) and then one sentence of his experience (Number of years experience and/or projects completed). All of the requests that didn’t have this information, I found myself deleting. From that, I learned that as a seller…when replying to a Buyer’s Request, let them know how you will help them and how you fully understand their request by (1) Repeating what they want so they know you understand the request (2) Explaining how you will deliver the request and (3) Letting them know you are fully qualified to accomplish the request. Hope this helps someone.
  9. Thank you for this. I’m just getting started and I’ve gotten 4 gigs so far. Consistency creates momentum, so I’m expecting it to continue to pick up as I work the Buyer’s Request section and promote on social media. Thanks for the success story!
  10. Awesome work. Thanks for the insight. I always love reading people’s success on Fiverr! It’s encouraging.
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