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  1. Yes, upwork provide certificate but i only work on fiverr. Well, i should contact support.
  2. Thank you for your suggestion. But its required to provide a document / letter from company.
  3. Hello Everyone, I am a full time freelancer. I am applying for abroad and for that I need a certificate for reference. Do fiverr provide such kind of certificate or experience letter? How can i apply for that? Should i contact support for that? Kindly guide me regarding this. I need it asap. Thank you
  4. I have 30 impressions for my promoted gig, 0 clicks. Will there be any deduction from my balance?
  5. In last 24 hours just 5 impression on my promoted gig 😦
  6. I am not awarded with $10. Is it given to some selected sellers? One of my gig is selected for promotion.
  7. Then how gig promotion is working. I mean how they will keep it at top? Like if someone will search with a whole title? Search tags are not working. I couldn’t see any changes in my stats. Everything is on 0 for promoted gig. I searched with one of my key word and found all seller level 2 on first page. Which don’t usually happen.
  8. Yes, i also got a selected gig which was eligible for promotion. May be only some categories are included in this. You couldn’t promote any of your gig?
  9. Yes sure, I will share my experience. How well it went. I have started with low price to check if it brings some business to me. Its been 3-4 hours but stats are at zero for promoted gig. I think it will take some time to get started.
  10. Hello, Today i got an invitation for promoted gigs. I have started to promote my top rated gig. Its my first gig ad and i am too excited. Last 2 months have been real hard for me as my order rate was almost 0. But now i see a little hope to get back to track. I am not much familiar how it works. I mean there will be other sellers too promoting their gig ad then how i would stay at top to get attention. Anyhow, lets wish me good luck guys 🙂 May be i could get 2-3 orders in this week.
  11. You are right. Cheap buyers don’t want to pay more. I didn’t raise price of gigs too much. I did a slight change in services and its rates. Because last time i discussed my problem on this forum and everyone suggested me to increase the price as low price attracts scammer too. I don’t know what could be helpful to get a potential buyer.
  12. Yes, i remain online most of the time and apply for buyers request too. So that’s the common problem now a days i guess.
  13. So that means it doesn’t worth to have level 2 badge? After hard work i achieved it and still now i have to struggle more for orders?
  14. Hello, Recently i got level two badge but i am getting no orders. I noticed one thing when i was a new seller on fiverr i had more order numbers but after reaching to level one, order ratio was decreased and now after level two it is almost zero. In last 45 days just 2 small orders 😦 What should i do?
  15. Recently i faced the same thing. Buyer wanted a demo of his work and i did that. After that he didn’t place the order. Although i didn’t provided him any source file but i invested my time. So its a lesson don’t work for free. So times they just want any idea how to they can proceed.
  16. Yes, i can sense the same thing he might be a scammer, who just want a free work. I wouldn’t repeat this again.
  17. I will avoid this thing because i don’t think still he will place the order. thank you
  18. I got your point. Some people want a sample work for their task before placing the order. You are right this is unpaid labor.
  19. That’s not a demo. That’s unpaid labor. Usually, I don’t provide a demo work and ask the buyer to place the order. This was 2nd time i created a demo for a client.
  20. I think all he wanted a free work from you in 2nd order. He threatened you and you cancelled the order. You are not responsible for the mistake he did. You should contact CS for this.
  21. You delivered the product and he accepted it with a positive review. That’s all from your side. You have nothing to do with printing. He must have verified this thing before accepting the order. He is just threatening you. If he had explain his requirements fully and you follow them for 2nd order then you should keep the 2nd order too. I think he tricked this way to compensate the 1st order. Did you deliver the files for 2nd order before cancellation?
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