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  1. I’m afraid I’ve been “blacklisted” or something because my gigs are getting almost no exposure. Am I allowed to get a second account? I’m gonna find a way around any rules, I’m just asking if I can deliberately have two accounts with my name on it.
  2. The same reason Youtubers get the shaft whenever there’s ANY conflict of interest with advertisers. Companies just follow the money, and the “board” just sees numbers on a graph.
  3. This situation really sucks. I now realize that this might be the reason I haven’t gotten a gig in almost two weeks. My gigs have been getting very little traffic, and I’m getting a little desperate because I started relying on fiverr for my income. I shouldn’t have after seeing so many negative things being said about fiverr, but after getting a few gigs on my first couple of weeks I really liked it and trusted it. My mistake, gotta hustle to make up for it. Seems like this website is a waste of my time…
  4. Yes! An accept order button would be the best option in my opinion, but if I could cancel an order without destroying my reputation it would be the next best thing.
  5. I understand that fiverr can’t help but refund the scammer’s money, but why does the seller’s rating have to be affected? That’s just bullshit on fiverr’s part, if you ban the buyer’s account can’t you also restore the seller’s reputation? I’ve made up my mind to move away from fiverr, sellers are treated like shit over here.
  6. This is awesome. How did you get these numbers? I would love to know where to focus.
  7. Exactly. I did that once and I lost my level one badge because I get few orders and the completion percentage dropped. It’s really unfair…
  8. We shouldn’t be objected to buyers we don’t want to work with. I never get a chance to talk to my buyers before the gig time is already running. I should be able to check the buyer out before accepting to work with them. Or at least get an option to reject a past buyer for future gigs, some buyers really like my work and come to me first but I hate working with them so much I’m leaving fiverr for a while. At least until they forget about me. Can we get an option to “accept orders automatically” so that we can turn it on or off? It would be a great addition.
  9. Hey everyone, I need some info. I just woke up to an order for a drawing. The buyer (I’m guessing) didn’t read the description for the drawing and requested 4 people in a color drawing. But the gig they chose only include a black and white drawing of one person. I haven’t gotten an answer from them yet because I just sent a message and a custom offer for the extras BUT this has happened before and the buyer just wanted to cancel the order afterwards, so I’m expecting them to want to cancel it. Here’s the problem. I don’t get a lot of gigs and I’m afraid this will take away my “level one seller” title since my completion rate will drop. I’m not sure if it’ll drop bellow 90%, but I’d like to avoid that either way. Do I have any ways of avoiding this without losing almost a hundred dollars to complete such a cheap order? Or do I have to suck it up and accept the “fiverr fate”? Almost everyone tells me to stay away from fiverr but I’ve always liked it. I guess it’s because of stuff like this, if this stuff keeps happening I guess I’ll move to other places…
  10. I’m quite new to fiverr, I think not even two months maybe a little over that. But I used to get orders and then the first messages on the order were just open in a chat box. Now when I get an order I have two options. I either click “I have everything I need” or “there’s something missing” to send a message to my client. Both of them generate an automatic response that I have to delete before I write my own message. I looked all over, is there any place to send my own message without having to click either of these? If there is an option I think it should be a bit more visible, since I’m on the internet all the time and even I couldn’t find it…
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