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  1. I didn’t receive Typing orders, however, I’ve created many offers for the customer and always send offer at buyer request but didn’t get any offer for typing I’m receiving orders for other jobs, If someone can advise me where can I find someone who needs a typist at Fiverr or elsewhere, thanks in Advance
  2. congratulations for anniversary awesome motivational post keep it up :star_struck: 👏
  3. Are you connected to the people who absolutely need your services on social media? Or are those just your friends? Your friends are not your customers. Promote where your customers are located. And if you don’t know where that is yet, then you have some serious research to do. There are no easy ways to gain customers. You are going to have to do a lot of research, a lot of planning, and step outside your comfort zone. You are a freelancer. You are running a business. Do what a business person does. no, I don’t promote my gig for my friends I know who is my target audience … and SEARCH for their groups and pages and promote my gig there
  4. what is “the 10 replies a day to help buyers know what you have to offer” ?
  5. is it available to create post a request on buyer request … or do yo mean send request to the buyer in my contact list
  6. what I have to do to get an order? … I’ve improved my gig … every day I get high impression … and I promote my service on Facebook, G+, Pinterest.
  7. ciao amici :raising_hand_woman: sono Maryham , sono Egiziana Ma amo la cultura italiana,musica , la lingua italiana , monumenti voglio conoscere nuovi amici . anybody interested in Italian culture or music and history please join us
  8. can I ask you a question . what’s the importance of having a high impression and clicks ? is this help to sell the gig
  9. I got "A " for my graduation project can you tell me how I contact with the buyers on fiverr if I want to send a msg to introduce myself thanks in advance 🙂
  10. ok thanks … it seems too negative but I just try to show how I determined to be a freelancer 😁 anyway I edit it
  11. hi guys, I’ve improved my gigs and create a new ones, edit the description of my profile please check it and tell me your feedback and please tell me how I can contact with the buyers??? how I can search for them ?? ,https://www.fiverr.com/maryhamkamal?view_as_seller=true
  12. yes I will edit it i’m gonna express my self and say why i joined fiverr and speake about my experience , right ?
  13. hi thank you for your help indeed I’ve joined fiverr couple of weeks ago and promote my gig on facebook but I didn’t get an order yet . I’m asking how can I convince buyers to work with me ?
  14. Ok I will try to make some editing on my gig and express myself in better way thanks
  15. thank you … this is what i do , but may be I will take time to get an order 🤞
  16. thank you this what I do … do you think it takes time to promote myself
  17. hi everybody, my name is maryham I’m a new freelancer and i’m trying to promote my gig on facebook but uptill now , i didn’t get an order yet . may be because I work as a typist and there are lots of professional sellers in this field .but honestly i’m a hardworking person and offer a good service with suitable price in my gig how can I convince buyers to work with me :thinking: https://www.fiverr.com/maryhamkamal/type-any-text-very-fast
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