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  1. The Account is Restricted from last 8 days I contacted CS and they said wait Not Sure How much time will they take to review the Account
  2. Unfortunately I did not do like you done by time I was thinking that the buyer will contact me on Monday because he placed an order on Saturday he also contacted fiverr on Sunday to cancel the order but the customer support didn’t take any action
  3. That’s a red flag, and should probably tell you everything you need to know about the buyer. It’s best to just cancel and move on. The Basic Gig is of Just 8 pages which can be done easily in just 3 hours if the Client provide me the completed requirements
  4. That’s a red flag, and should probably tell you everything you need to know about the buyer. It’s best to just cancel and move on. Just Mentiond all the requirements needed for a pitch deck He did not provide anything to me and just mentioned to create an NDA
  5. Yes As I told you that the Buyer didn’t contact me to cancel the order if he just say to me that he wants to cancel the order I will be happily cancel the order Also the buyer mention that gr Contacted CS to cancel the order after the day of posting project and the Customer support did not take any action
  6. Hi Hope all of you are doing well My account is restricted WHY? The buyer orders my basic gig of extra fast delivery of one day without any discussion and didn’t provide any requirements when I see that I sent message to the buyer via the order page to please share the requirements but they say to me that I want to make a call with you to discuss the Project Pitch deck and request a contact information from But I did not provide any information and I said to buyer that please provide your own because there were only 14 hours remaining in delivery time due to which I received the warning from Fiverr then he directly say to me that he will come back to me on Monday now he is very busy and become offline So I directly use the resolution centre to extend the delivery time but he was unresponsive the request was automatically withdrawn then I contact CS about this issue and they say to me that wait for 48 more hours So I wait For 44 more hours but he was unresponsive So I immediately start working on Creating NDA which he mentioned in his requirements and I deliver and I was thinking that he will be coming back in next 3 days but he was still unresponsive and the order was automatically marked as completed After 4 days of order completetion he came back to me and said that he wants to cancel the order and he has no more requirements for me and the CS Support Cancel the order and Restrict my account! Some Proofs he said to me that he orders accidentally and he didn’t know how this platform works He also said that he already contacted CS after the Day of Posting project to Cancel the Order but the CS didn’t cancel the order and they even didn’t mail me that the buyer wants to cancel the order I think I am 100% Innocent in this I have provided all the proofs to CS in Screenshots and I waiting for there response! He also intended to me that there is not any of my faults All the fault is me and the CS Thank You!
  7. Hi Bros/Sis i hope all of you are good! I am level 1 seller on fiver my rating is 100% but from last month my sales and gigs impression are getting down kindly how can I improve my sales please advice Thanks https://www.fiverr.com/wyatt31/create-branded-power-point-presentations regards wyatt
  8. @lloydsolutions Thanks For your suggestion if you have time please checkout my gig description if their is any problem let me know thank you!
  9. Hi Mates I hope all of you are doing well! my rating is 100% my clients are 100% satisfied and happy from my work But still i am not getting orders (2-3 orders per month) could you please checkout my GiGS and Profile if there is any problem in my gigs description or profile at any point please let me know. https://www.fiverr.com/wyatt31 I am waiting for your response thank you!😀
  10. Hello everyone! I hope you all are good My fiverr account dose not shows available now option from yesterday. what is the problem thanks
  11. Hi share your gigs on social media and send 10 buyer requests daily you will get your first order soon
  12. Hey everyone! I hope all of you are doing well! My question is that How to communicate with clients and impress clients for order Kindly share some tips Thanks! Kind regards
  13. note: the proposal should me not longer then 3 to 4 lines The most important thing is communication with clients last month 5-6 clients contact me but they didn’t give me order because of my bad communication! thanks to fiver Forum Mates i learn a lot here about communication! Thank you!
  14. HI Everyone i hope all of you are good! there are many gigs where shows Rising talent my question is that how can i get Rising talent Badge:thinking::thinking:
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