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  1. I am just wondering about the new review system of fiverr what if a seller don’t leave a review to the buyer are the buyer’s review still gonna show up or not?
  2. I Also agree, I am joining this petition. On this new feedback system and the blind review system are really unfair. It only benefits the buyer and nothing on the seller it feels like Fiverr are just using sellers as their tool for making their money and they don’t care what we feels about it, it looks like fiverr is now only an online market and not a freelancing site they are just using us as their products that buyers will buy.
  3. Hello, I really want to promote my Gigs but my friends and followers on social media are not that much interested on what I’m offering. Can I have some tips about other ways to promote fiverr gigs? Thanks!
  4. Do your best on promoting your Gigs, and always check the Buyer request section
  5. Always check the Buyer request section, and offer to someone requesting if you think you can do it for them, that is really helpful to find buyers.
  6. Hi, I got my first buyer last week, But the stats of my Gigs are not improving. My buyer request section are more often empty. How can I improve? All tips and advice will help me a lot. Thanks!
  7. Have you already have your sales? The portfolio will come with your finished works with you gig
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