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  1. I’m glad CS helped you! How did you find out this was the same buyer ordering from a second account? His local time was exactly the same on both accounts and he copy pasted the same description on both profiles.
  2. I just received an email from CS. They removed it after varifying.
  3. Update : The issue has been resolved by the CS. Hello everyone, I recently came across a buyer who placed a dummy order with me from his 2nd account just to post a negative review in order to defame me and with intentions of revenge. Here is the story : He previously placed an order from his 1st account which I cancelled because of his threatening behavior. When I requested mutual cancellation, he refused it and said things like “You don’t have any right to cancel my order to save your reviews.” Then I got the order cancelled through CS and his money was refunded. But he got so mad that he placed a fake order from his 2nd account by purchasing my cheapest package and submitted very low quality files. I got back to him asking to resend better files for best results. He said “That’s all I have. Please use it. I take full responsibility for everything.” I told him that if I work on this file the results may not be what you expect. Then I started the work and delivered it on time. He accepted it immediately and left a negative 1 star review. He didn’t even use 2 free revisions that were included in the order. I became suspicious and found out that this was the same buyer whose order I cancelled previously. He did all this just to harm my rating and take revenge because I cancelled his order. These kind of people also exist on fiverr.
  4. Hello everyone, Few days ago this buyer placed the order directly without any prior discussion. He gave me the audio files to work on. I worked on it exactly as described in my gig and delivered it. But now the buyer is saying he didn’t expect these results and asked if he can get the refund. What should I do in this situation? Any suggestions?
  5. Hello there! Has anyone faced this issue where you work hard on an order and deliver the files after spending days on it. Then suddenly the buyer says he/she doesn’t like the final results. In my case the client gave me files (audio) which were not of that great quality. I worked on it and delivered but buyer told me that he did not like it and will send new better quality files for the same order. What should I do in this case? Should I cancel the order or not? I’ll appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.
  6. I have no idea what you are asking. make a new topic please, and explain your question more. That way people can find your question easier to help Noticed the same thing on some of my orders in the past. I asked the Customer Support. They said it won’t affect my profile if I’ve sent the first delivery on time.
  7. (Post Withdrawn By The User)
  8. Then maybe there should be a way to cancel wrong orders which don’t have negative impact on the sellers.
  9. Hi, I’ve experienced this situation recently where a buyer placed the order without discussing with me and I had to cancel it because buyer provided very low quality files for me to work on which I couldn’t use to do what the buyer was looking for. The cancellation affected my Completion Rate. So I think there definitely should be a Button available for Sellers which allows them to Accept or Reject orders which are placed without discussion. This will protect Sellers from getting affected negatively for no reason.
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