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  1. Is there a way to remove this Notification?(see photo).I already answered it,I’m not from US so I answered NO.but it got stuck and If I click it nothing happens. notification511×508 32.4 KB
  2. Same I hope they can fix it soon,
  3. Hi, I’m just curios,Is it possible for the client to request revision more than what you give him/her,Because I have a client and give him 3 revisions in one project but he/she already requested 5 revisions?Is this possible or a bug many thanks.
  4. I don’t know but isn’t a seller in a loss in this,what if a buyer didn’t give the tip.
  5. I don’t Understand Why fiverr have also a 20% deduction from a Tip.it’s just unfair because they already deduct you 20% in order Price,Why not give the tip full to seller ?or at least make it 5%
  6. hello i just wanna share my experience, I use to be a level 2 seller but After 3 months without a client,my level went down from 2 to 0,and also my response rate goes down to 67% i don’t know what happen but Im sure i always share my gig on social media and sent offer on buyer request:(
  7. wow Congrats 🙂 in my country you’re already a millionaire.
  8. yes ,you’re right that’s why i don’t really understand why my response rate go down to 89% all of a sudden even though i reply as soon as i can .to all the message i received that’s why i assumed that the lacked of order also contributed.🙂
  9. I realize that if you don’t have any order for 1 month your response rate will go down to 89% automatically before evaluation.and it will continue to go down by 1% everyday.😦
  10. 200$ including bills per month water bill = 5$ electricity=10-20$ apartment =65$ internet=25$ and rest is for foods /groceries 🙂
  11. thanks everyone for your reply . it’s seems you’re right man @garythomas9501 .the clock continues even after delivery.i don’t know if it’s fair for seller maybe some one can enlighten me.
  12. why? the time is still running after delivery?my client check the delivery after one day i delivered and requested a revision and the time left is only 15 minutes.why?
  13. im not a getting any order after june 15 ?i am the only one ?
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